She Says… 11 Weeks

My darling Piccolini,

11 weeks! I truly can’t believe you’ve been growing for that long. We are one week away from the end of the first trimester, the huge milestone for which I have been holding my breath since the very beginning of your dear, little life. Not to wish away these first few months, because they have been such an amazing time for me to grow and change with you, but they’ve also been pretty physically uncomfortable for me, overshadowed by all-day nausea and indigestion and filled with fear that something was going to go wrong and you would leave us. It will make me very happy to put that period behind us and move forward into the second trimester, when I can really start to believe that I’m going to meet you in August, and begin to realize just how much my life will change with you in it.

This week you are nearly 2 1/2 inches, the size of a lime! I could hold you in the palm of my hand. You still seem so tiny, but it’s incredible how much bigger you are now than you were just a few, short weeks ago. You now have a 1:1 ratio between your body and head, and you have skin so transparent that your blood vessels show right through it. Your fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and hair follicles, tooth buds, and nail beds are forming — you’re turning into quite the cute, little baby! I’m so proud to have played a part in creating you.

Last night I got the worst night’s sleep I have gotten in a very long time. But this time it wasn’t your fault! I have a terrible head cold. My sinuses are congested, my throat is scratchy and I have a dry cough that makes it hard to breathe. Yuck! Normally I would have taken some medicine, but I was too nervous about harming you with chemicals, so I stuck it out. I am rarely sick, and I had forgotten how frustrating it is to feel so helpless. It made me think of all the nights we will undoubtedly stay up together when you are sick. Although right now that seems a lifetime away, it really won’t be that long until you’re here and you need your daddy and I to take care of you. Staying up all night when you’re sick is never fun, but I will gladly do it with you whenever you need me to.

So hang in there for one more week and we’ll have a little party to celebrate your big accomplishment of making it through the first trimester. Dad and I have a special dinner planned already. Keep on growing and getting cuter!

I think about you constantly. I love you already.



13 responses to “She Says… 11 Weeks

  1. yay baby lime, hello!!! 🙂

  2. very cute! I like your lime comparison!

  3. Crying. Here’s to week 13 (when you’ll feel better hopefully).

  4. ahh i love you and this post.

  5. Congrats on reaching lime status. I’m at spaghetti squash size and looking more and more pregnant every day. I love your weekly letters!

  6. I hope you’re feeling more pleasant soon. Love reading your letters– so beautiful!

  7. You know, somehowa LIME just seems really, really substantial. You can feel the weight of a lime in your hand. It’s amazing what’s happening inside of you. Cheers to almost being in the 2nd trimester!!!

  8. try a neti pot – so, so great IF you can do handle water in your nose…some people feel like they are drowing (my husband) but others, like, me will do anything for relief that is homeopathic! Hope you feel better soon. 1 week to go!! The second trimester is amazing – if you feel connected now to little piccolini wait until you start to feel flutters and movements…just incredible. All the best 🙂

  9. Awwhhh!!! I hope you feel better soon!! I am a major germ phobe and being around thousands of teenagers on a daily basis brings out the best in me; Long live the Purell and Lysol Queen!! I know its only a matter of time until I am miserably ill.

    Congrats on being so near trimester 2!!

  10. I find that 500mg vitamin C first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon when it starts to wear off does wonders for controlling my cold symptoms. Stops me from sneezing, sniffling, the works. And totally safe (not for long term use though, as that can cause scurvy after birth b/c the fetus is used to much higher levels than it will get after birth. But for the duration of a cold it’s fine – you could check with your OB if you have any concerns (mine said no problem)).

  11. AMAZING! How much baby has grown… like suchagoodegg said, a lime is just so big and real and substantial. Thrilled for you 🙂

    I will be 7 weeks tomorrow, so baby will be back at blueberry status!

  12. Such a great week!! Take care of yourself!!!

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