She Says… Another First

Guess what I did for the first time the other day? I’ll give you a clue…

Yep, that’s right. I bought my first pair of maternity jeans. Now, I’m coming up on 11 weeks. And I know some women don’t need to get maternity clothes until a few more weeks have passed, but I am one of those lucky women who gains almost all of her weight in her thighs and hips. And therefore, the struggle to button my jeans for the last few weeks has now blossomed into a struggle to squeeze them up and over my hips when I have to go to the bathroom. Not fun. So I bit the bullet, buzzed on over to Target and bought some elastic-waist jeans.

The verdict? THEY ARE AMAZING. I have never been so comfortable in my life. Why doesn’t everyone wear stretchy-topped pants? It’s like wearing sweatpants all day. Only you look presentable. Cute, even!

The whole experience was SO exciting to me. Some women are disappointed and embarrassed when they have to move from their regular clothes into maternity clothes. Me? I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages. I’ve been almost as excited about getting maternity clothes as I was to get pregnant. Ok, nowhere near that much. But seriously, I’ve always, always wanted to be the cute, pregnant lady with the round belly sticking out from her maternity shirt. And I’m well on my way. My shirts are getting tighter now too, so another maternity shopping trip is in my future very soon. And I don’t care that I’m only 11 weeks. I’m thrilled!

When did you start wearing maternity clothes? Which items did you find the most useful throughout your pregnancy? My budget is not limitless (though I sure wish it was!) so I need to buy strategically.


29 responses to “She Says… Another First

  1. I am 19.5 weeks and am going maternity clothes shopping tomorrow. It’s not that I haven’t needed maternity clothes yet, I just have been able to get along with some clothes that I have that were a little too big, and some hand-me-downs. I do the rubber band on the pants button trick A LOT. I did really need to start wearing maternity clothes until this past wee or so though… my belly has really started to pop and even bigger shirts that I own are now too short!

    One thing that has been useful thus far, though, is my belly band. I can wear it over pants I can’t zip up all the way or button.. fabulous!!

  2. I just went maternity pants shopping this past weekend. This was also a big first for me. I am about 21.5wks. I have had some issues doing my pants up for some time but I’ve used the elastic band trick and a makeshift belly band out of a tube top. I wear alot of yoga pants and joggers at home and was down to about 3 pairs of pwork ants that I could still get on (but not do up). I haven’t had to buy any shirts yet because I lean towards longer shirts generally and my chest (which is on the smaller side) has only increased very slightly.

    It was a fun experience though a little frustrating at times. Enjoy!

  3. I think I got my first maternity jeans around 14-15 weeks, and I agree…SO comfy! I also used my belly band until maybe 18 weeks or so, then it just got annoying. Shirts were tough…I’m short, and hate shorts that are too long, so my regular shirts didn’t fit but maternity ones were too big. I just got some maternity tops in a smaller size than usual, and bought some cheap regular tops in bigger sizes. In fact I’m 31 weeks and wearing a cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft today that I bought about a month ago…fits great!

    Highly recommend signing up for emails from Old Navy and the Gap…almost all my maternity clothes are from them, and they have coupons all the time so you can get some great deals. Motherhood maternity is pretty cheap–work pants for like $25 and they’re comfy, if not the nicest material in the world. Also check Macy’s–mine has a maternity section that is like Motherhood/Pea in the Pod, but without their sucky return policy or trying to sell you magazines.

    have fun! 🙂

  4. I am 20 weeks and went maternity shopping weeks ago, although I have only worn 1 pair of dress pants (Old Navy) so far. I felt like I was growing quickly so I rushed out to buy things, but I think the growing has tapered off a bit. I also gain in my butt/thighs, so that is the area I grew out of first in my pants. I have found that finding cute maternity clothes that actually fit well is much more challenging than I anticipated!

  5. Soo cute!!

    I’m totally with you– I’m only 5 weeks today and already feeling bloated.

    I’m visiting my mom at the beginning of Feb (Fingers crossed, I’ll be 9 weeks) and I hope that right after I tell her the good news, we’ll do some shopping!!! I probably wont need them by then, but surely, by March…

  6. I completely agree that maternity clothes are SO much more comfy! I’d still be in mine if they fit! Ha! I didn’t start wearing maternity until about 20 weeks. I have no butt and very thin legs and am a pretty top-heavy girl and, like I imagined I would, I gained all of my early-pregnancy weight in my boobs. I wore a Bella Band for a long time with regular jeans. Maternity jeans were worn only for comfort – I hated anything rubbing my tummy. I didn’t actually NEED maternity clothes until after 20 weeks along. I know it’s cold right now, but once spring hits for Boston, try maternity dresses. They were my FAVORITE and I think they look so cute! I lived in dresses last summer because they were SO much more comfy!

  7. I got maternity jeans at 10wks, but I didn’t need maternity shirts for a while (now I’m 22wks). I gained mostly in my lower belly area, so that why I need pants options. My low rise jeans were just so uncomfortable.

    Now I have to wear maternity shirts, which is fun, but mean I need to do laundry a lot more often! I don’t want to buy a ton of clothes to wear for only a few months, so I only have a handful of shirts and work out clothes.

    Beware of Motherhood Maternity, that store will steal your paycheck and Kohl’s has a lot of similar clothing for cheaper!

  8. This may not work for you since you say you can’t pull your jeans over your thighs…but, I loved my bellaband from Target. It’s just an elastic type band that goes over the top of your pants so you can leave them completely unbuttoned and unzipped. They have black or white and it just looks like a shirt or tank top coming out of the bottom of your shirt. I used mine for quite awhile after having my son too. I didn’t have one with my first pregnancy, but with my second I was like “Oh my goodness, I could’ve saved a ton of $$ by not having to buy all my maternity pants my first pregnancy.” It definitely works best for early pregnancy or after having the baby, but I was able to use it with some of my bigger pants up until I had the baby.

  9. Would it be weird for me to wear maternity pants even though I’m not pregnant? They just look so comfortable. And, you know, the post holiday bulge is making things a little tight …

    So happy for you!! I know how huge of a milestone this is for you!!

  10. I’m 14 weeks and just went maternity shopping this past weekend. If you have an outlet mall nearby, I highly suggest trying there – I went to a Motherhood outlet and did really well (I’m tall, and they have long pants – happiness!). Then I hit the Gap outlet and got some non-maternity cardigans that I can wear open as I get bigger.

    I don’t want to go back to regular pants after giving birth…I am so comfortable right now! 🙂

  11. I remember last year my friend was just starting her second trimester when she started wearing maternity jean, which coincided with Thanksgiving. Apparently wearing maternity pants while eating that day was the best day ever…and I’m been dying for the opportunity to wear maternity pants for such a holiday…still waiting though!

  12. I started with the Bella Band probably around 11 or 12 weeks. Things fit, they just weren’t comfortable, so that helped a lot, but then I had to wear longer shirts to cover the bottom of it. At least it sort of just looks like you’re wearing a layered tank underneath. I moved on to maternity clothes, oh, around 18 weeks?

    Unfortunately I went on bed rest and didn’t get to fully enjoy the four cute dresses I’d bought, but for a spring pregnancy, they would have been perfect. I could dress them up or down and still wear them after I delivered. I bought 2 pairs of the Motherhood Maternity yoga pants, planning to wear them for yoga. Then when I got put on bed rest I wore them around the house and when I was in the hospital for 3 weeks before the baby arrived, I wore them every single day. Seriously. I recommend them highly for lounging around the house now, and postpartum. You can wear them with a nursing tank or nursing top after the baby comes and you’ll feel more presentable than the hospital gowns.

    So glad you’re doing well!

  13. I struggled to button my pants by 8 weeks even though I only gained 3lbs 1st trimester & 23 whole pregnancy. I’m short & my belly had nowhere to go but out! I was in Maternity pants by 10wks. I love love love Motherhood Maternity, JC Penney & Kohls were also good (great sales).

  14. You should be thrilled! The first time I had to buy maternity jeans, I was unbelievably excited. It was like the first big lifestyle reminder that I was harboring a life, that I would be a mother, that my daughter needed me to keep her safe =)

    I was about 14 weeks when I bought my maternity jeans. I waited until the last possible moment because I wanted the maternity jeans to show my curving belly a little bit.

    Sadly, at 14 weeks, there still wasn’t much curve to show and after I got into the maternity jeans, they were so comfortable I wished I’d started wearing them a month earlier lol.

  15. Oh, hey, as far as maternity clothes go, by the way, check out Old Navy. They have sales sometimes. I bought two pairs of maternity jeans for less than $10 each on their online store. They were a little less comfortable than the Liz Lange maternity Target stuff for me, but I could not beat the price.

    Also, hit up your friends. If you know people who are done having children, find out if they still have any of their maternity wardrobe for you to steal. Even if they are much smaller or larger than you, you will probably find a dress or some sweaters or something that fits around the house. And since you spend more and more time at home as your pregnancy goes on (or at least I did, I was a total nester lol), it’s nice to have plenty of lazy lounging clothes.

  16. So fun! I’m not pregnant, and don’t have kids, but….my SIl is currently 34 weeks. She says her advice, is to buy wisely, and don’t buy too much too quickly. She bought a ton of stuff up front, not really knowing how big her belly would get, and she outgrew her first round of maternity clothes.

  17. I think I have a blog entry almost *exactly* like this when I bought my first maternity jeans. They are AWESOME. I will say though that when you can get *real* jeans on after you have the baby, it will be an equally as awesome moment. Even better? Your pre-pregnancy jeans.

    I found that I liked the maternity pants that had a small waistband that went UNDER my belly. They have them at Gap, Old Navy, and Motherhood Maternity. Motherhood has a ton of great work clothes too.

  18. I didn’t do the tops for a little while, but I had to switch to maternity pants almost immediately. The bloat was so bad that I couldn’t button my pants…and it was uncomfortable to have anything tight around my lower belly. My “early” maternity pants were the low-waisted ones. But then once my belly started to get larger, I found that these put too much pressure on the baby and it was super uncomfortable. Now I strictly wear the all-the-way-up-to-the-armpit pants…and they are awesome! I never knew there were so many phases to maternity clothes, but there really are. It’s definitely not something you can do in one shopping trip…and you DEFINITELY should try everything on (which was a bummer because I enjoy a little online shopping now and again).

    Have fun!! 🙂

  19. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Very exciting. I love how you’ve got such a positive attitude about it!

  20. Thanks, Ladies! You are a fabulous source of information. I appreciate all of the suggestions and comments! I think I will keep my eyes peeled for sales, and will probably check out Motherhood Maternity and Kohl’s this weekend (I’ve already poked around Target and Old Navy).

    Nikol, Andrea and Kara, I am glad to hear that you were in maternity clothes around this time too… I’m not a complete freak 🙂

    And Stef, unfortunately, that bloated feeling didn’t let up much for me. And then I started actually gaining weight in my stomach and it remained the same size. So my advice is: get into the stretchy pants whenever you want!

  21. I’m 22.5 weeks now. I’m lucky and didn’t gain a pound or feel bloated for the first 13 weeks. From 13-16 I started getting a little rounder but fit into all my clothing perfectly. At around 16/17 I went shopping and got the belly band, which to me is perfect!! Since my pants fit so well I just can’t button them, now i have a solution! I now have 2 pairs of maternity jeans, and I got them both at sample sales, which was great b/c spending $200 for designer maternity jeans seems sort of silly to me. There are so many great sweaters that are not maternity but totally work! In addition I got some tops at Destination Maternity and the Gap. But I still fit into most of my non-maternity clothing as long as they weren’t short, too fitted or on the shorter side.

    I got the email today from Fit Pregnancy saying my baby is going to double in size in the next month so it’ll probably feel like I’m doubling in size too – haha!

    Good luck maternity clothing shopping. Remember everyone is different 🙂

  22. i start around 9 weeks even with my first! I am always sooooo uncomfortable with bloating that i can’t stand anything tight on it…and you;re right, they are the most comfortable things ever! I highly recommend the motherhood secret fit belly for when you get a little bigger, they stay up very well and have no lines over the belly 🙂

  23. I have been wearing my bellaband like a champ when I wear jeans. I am thankful that I can wear workout pants to the gym all day and be comfortable. It won’t be long though when I will get to hop and skip through the maternity aisles!!

  24. I love seeing women in materinity jeans. I think it is soooo cute with a belly hugging top to show off the bump. I bet you’re going to look great throughout your entire pregnancy 🙂

  25. Very exciting! I am sort of looking forward to the maternity clothes, just for the simple fact that it will mean that I’m starting to grow and show! I’m only just coming up to 7 weeks now, so no need for that quite yet, but I am definitely sporting the puffy, bloated belly.
    One of my co-workers refused to wear maternity pants during her entire pregnancy because she was scared that they would be too comfy and she would never go back, lol… So she went with leggings and loose fitting dresses for last several months!

  26. I think I bought my first maternity clothes around 6 months. Long before that, I bought Bella Bands and wore them over my regular pants unbuttoned and partially unzipped. Around 5 months, I bought a couple of dresses from Target for work that were a size or two bigger than my regular size. Because they were a loose fitting style anyway, they lasted through most of my pregnancy. I also bought some shirts that were just regular, but loose fitting shirts a couple sizes bigger and they lasted quite a while as well.

  27. P.S. I also found a few brand name pairs of pants and sweaters at a maternity and baby consignment boutique. You might consider that option and look around in your area since it is very affordable!

  28. I’m not there yet, but I am LOVING these tips for shopping in the next couple of months!

  29. I started with the Bella Band at 11 weeks and wore looser, empire-waist tops that were a size up from my usual size but “regular” clothes until 16 or 17 weeks. (Maybe 18? I’m not sure…) Some of those larger-sized tops I wore through my whole pregnancy. I made a full switch over to maternity clothes at 20 weeks.

    Invaluable: A GREAT pair of jeans. I totally splurged and bought one pair that I wore 3-4 times a week.

    A pair of khakis for work.

    Nice t-shirts and layering camis.

    Wrap sweaters that you can wear with jeans or dress up. I bought two and spent some money on them, but they were sooo nice.

    I went with quality, not quantity, and that worked for me.

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