He Says…8 Weeks

My little Piccolini,

This is the first time I am writing to you here.  I am very excited for your arrival, and wish we did not have to wait another 7 months for you to show up.  I know it seems like I am not really not getting to know you yet.  It’s hard to tell by looking at your mama that you are even inside her.  She is feeling quite different though; she’s very tired, and sometimes doesn’t feel so great, but we both know that you are working really hard to get big and strong.  I am looking forward to you getting bigger so I can start to see you bumping out more from your mama’s stomach.

I am learning so much about how babies are made, and it kind of makes me thing I must have slept through health or bio class in grade school.  This week you are the size of a raspberry.  You are also starting to move your little arms, legs, and slightly webbed fingers and toes.  This week your tongue will begin to develop and I can’t wait for you to taste your mama’s amazing cooking.  She is an amazing chef and I hope you will learn to gobble up all the amazing things she makes.  At the end of this week you will be 1/5 of the way till your birthday.  I know we still have a long way to go, but I can’t wait to meet you.

All of this process has made me change along with your mama.  Whether it is just sympathy symptoms or not, I have been pretty tired a lot and also more emotional (although I am already pretty emotional for sure).  I am trying hard not to get to consumed with worrying, but I warn you that I am a big worrier.  I will try to not be too freaked out when you are growing up, but I make no promises.  I just know that I will love you more than I can imagine and I cannot wait to meet you.

We are spending this week celebrating Christmas with some of your grandparents and aunts and uncles and they are so excited that you are going to help grow our family.  And Schnitzel cannot wait to have you cuddle up to him and let him give you doggie kisses.

Thank you Piccolini, for starting to grow big and strong and making me and your mama so happy!




6 responses to “He Says…8 Weeks

  1. i love the “he says” posts! kate is a great writer and all (i LOVE her posts), but hearing the guy side of things is very rare in blogs!!

    i think you 2 are the opposite of us: i am the worrier and my husband is the one who always must tell me that worrying about the uncontrolables is pointless.

  2. I hope you keep these letters to show Piccolini once he or she is all grown up. So great.

  3. Such a sweet letter.

  4. I really enjoy the “he says” posts …
    This is a great letter “Dad”!

  5. How sweet!! You are going to be such a wonderful father.

  6. This made me cry. Jerk.

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