She Says… I’m REGULAR

Nope, not that kind of regular. Still pretty stopped up in that department (thanks a lot, pregnancy hormones!). BUT, when I went to Boston IVF for my ultrasound on Monday, the nurse practitioner said those beautiful words I’d been waiting to hear: “You have graduated! You are now a regular patient with a regular pregnancy. You don’t have to come see us anymore, you can go see a regular OB”. I’ve never been so happy to be regular in my whole life.

The road to get pregnant was so rocky that I guess I just felt like I would be a “special case” forever when it came to fertility. Since I found out the exciting news, I have sort of been treating myself as a high risk patient — little to no exercise, lots of sitting on the couch, not a lot of hanky panky (sorry, honey!). But those words made me feel like I could climb a mountain or train for a marathon. Ok, not really, I am still totally wiped out from this whole making-a-baby thing and in the delicate first trimester, but it certainly does feel fantastic to know that I can have a normal, healthy pregnancy from here on out.

So, then came the big question… how in the world do you pick a regular OB? Being the over-eager, Type A personality that I am, I started by comparing the reputability and overall ranking of the hospitals in a comfortable vicinity of my house. Living just outside of Boston and working in the city, I am lucky to have 4-5 fantastic options from which to choose that are both convenient and highly regarded as some of the best hospitals in the country. Then I planned to do what I always do — make a list of the youngish, female doctors who have nice faces in the doctor listings, and try to meet a few of them before I make my decision. (Note: I realize this is completely sexist and perhaps unfair, but it’s what makes me comfortable in an exam room with my clothes off, so that’s what I’m choosing!). Unfortunately the overabundance of excellent hospitals made my search more difficult, as I felt I needed to visit and rank several different hospitals and doctors in order to find the “right” one. But then a friend of mine was telling me about the great experience she had with a doctor at Mt. Auburn Hospital (as luck would have it, the closest one to my house), with a wonderful OB whose offices are within walking distance of my house. I threw my ranking system out the window and gave her a call.

Surprisingly, the doc wanted me to come in almost immediately for my first prenatal visit, even though I just had the ultrasound at Boston IVF on Monday. So this morning I headed over there for a first visit. The place was perfect! Everyone I met was nice and helpful, and I had an incredibly comfortable and extensive visit with the nurse practitioner (I will see the “real” OB at my next visit, in 1.5 weeks). They took a TON of blood and a urine sample, and did a pap smear and internal exam. I got the works! It was so comprehensive, in fact, that I also got a parking ticket for grossly underestimating the amount of time I would be there. Boo. But, the search for my regular OB was not tough at all, thanks to my friend’s recommendation. Phew! One more thing to check off the list 🙂


16 responses to “She Says… I’m REGULAR

  1. Congrats on being regular! 🙂 I am pregnant with our 2nd child and I am going to be giving birth at Mt. Auburn this time. For our daughter, I gave birth at BWH. Part of me loved being at the #1 OB hospital, but I absolutely love Mt. Auburn so far. It was hard to reconcile being so close to BWH and not going with it, but I am really happy with the choice. I am going to the Midwives at Mt. Auburn practice, but everyone I know that has delivered with any OB at Mt. Auburn only has fantastic things to say. We live in Medford and I like being so close to the hospital, just in case! Good luck with everything.

  2. Don’t apologize for wanting a young female physician! I went the same route! My mom (embarrassingly!) reminds me that “female doctors have smaller hands!”

  3. Congratulations! You are past the delicate first part that is so stressful! I am in the 2 ww now. I suddenly got a cold and lost my voice and my temp is at alittle over 98° so, of course, I am praying these all are signs from Heaven! So happy that you can now enjoy a variety of activities without worry.

  4. Kate,
    It must be such a nice feeling to be “regular”. You get so used to everyone telling you that this is wrong, or that needs to be fixed… I’m so glad that this pregnancy is rolling along so well and that you found a “regular” doctor!!!

  5. yay for graduating!! Hope u love the new doc. I look for the same thing – young, female . Don’t feel bad, it’s personal preference. I think some women prefer male OBs…I’m not one of them!

  6. It’s a great way to find a pediatrician as well. I LOVE mine and he came highly recommended from a friend. I met him and didn’t need to expand my search 🙂

  7. I don’t think it is “sexist” to want a female physician. I personally do not want any other guy (apart from my husband) to look at me naked. I have all female physicians:primary physician, allergist, and ob-gyn.
    The same is true for my husband. He has all male physicians, and that’s who he feels comfortable with.
    So don’t apologize for what works for you 🙂

  8. perrack, That is great to hear! I was looking at BWH too, and probably would have gone with it if my friend hadn’t recommended Mt. Auburn. Some of the reviews that I read online on various sites indicated that since BWH is so big and so well known, that some people thought that their experience was not as personal or thoughtful as they had hoped. So I am very happy with the decision to go to Mt. Auburn… and living in Somerville, it is right down the street! Definitely a plus in a case of emergency.

    Lauren, Ha! I never thought about it that way 🙂 I guess they do!

    Aly, Oooh, good luck! The temp is certainly one of the most reliable signs. I hope this is it for you!

    Amber, Thank you! I know, I got so used to the doctors at Boston IVF only talking about what was wrong with me… it is such a change to have people say, “Everything looks great! You look perfectly normal”!

    Al, I know, what an awesome feeling! I mean, everyone at Boston IVF was wonderful, but I hope I never have to see them again.

    Chelsea, Ah, good call! This new doc is part of a Harvard Vanguard group, and the pediatrician’s office is directly across the hall from the OB/GYN area. I hope I can find someone I like in that practice… one stop shopping!

    Nabeela, I hear you. With primary care physicians and GYNs I always prefer a woman. Although I’m sure there are plenty of qualified men out there. And my RE at Boston IVF was a man, but he never actually examined me… just made all the decisions about my body. Now that I think about it, that’s a bit strange too!

  9. Congrats on graduating!!

  10. That is a huge check and check, first hearing you are a regular patient and second finding an OB/office staff that you like/feel comofortable with. Many visits in the nude (okay almost) and legs in stirrups mean comfort is key in my opinion. Hope you have a great weekend after all your good news.

  11. Yip! Sounds like your kinda doc with the big workup today. 🙂 Congrats on finding the perfect office!

  12. APlusB, Steph and suchagoodegg, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now if I could just turn off my nervous brain 🙂

  13. Hooray hooray hooray!!! I can’t imagine how happy and relieved you must have felt to hear those words. It must be wonderful to breathe that sigh of relief and now start really enjoying your pregnancy. Don’t be nervous, your baby has a nice strong heartbeat!
    I have a feeling that I am pregnant again, but I’m not going to be able to take my test until next week. I decided to do it on xmas!! My fingers are crossed that we will have a great present on Christmas Day…

  14. tasha, Thank you! Yes, seeing the heartbeat definitely put my mind at ease a bit. Good luck to you! I hope your feeling is right!

  15. romancingthestone

    Oh Kate. I love your regularness! And the Bear and I love the blueberry with the bow! How darn cute! Let me know more about your OB sometime…Shell

  16. YAY! That is GREAT news 🙂 Congrats!!!

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