She Says… Feelin’ It

Over the last week I have chattered to so many people about how I feel relatively normal, and how it is surprising not to feel all that different than when I wasn’t pregnant, and how I really haven’t experienced any classic pregnancy symptoms yet.

Until today.

This morning I got up and had to pry my eyes open and peel myself out of bed when my alarm went off at 6am. Usually I jump out of bed lickety split; I am a total morning person. I felt so starving from the moment I woke up that I had that sensation that my stomach was devouring itself. You know, the totally empty feeling when you would stuff anything into your face? As someone who is very affected by low blood sugar, I know this feeling quite well 🙂 so I knew I would survive if I just showered and got ready before eating breakfast, which is my normal routine. So I hopped in the shower and started to blowdry my hair. As I flipped my head over I felt sweat pricking my forehead and got a little dizzy. I attributed it to the bending over, and returned upright to continued drying my hair. But when the feeling didn’t go away, I began to realize that maybe this wasn’t just normal hunger (it doesn’t usually progress that quickly to the fainty/sweaty feeling). Maybe this was the elusive pregnancy nausea.

I threw on my clothes, slapped on some makeup and headed downstairs. As soon as I dug into my big bowl of cereal the feeling dissipated. Ahhhh, relief. However, right after I took the last bite, I started to feel it again. This sort of swaying, dizzy, sour stomach and closed-throat feeling. As I walked the two miles and took the 15 minute subway ride to work, I felt increasingly disgusting. I had brought a water bottle with me, and sipping water seemed to help, but then of course I got that sloshy stomach feeling where you can almost feel the liquid making waves in your stomach when you move. Gross.

So now I’m sitting at my desk at work, contemplating the odds of if I would make it all the way to the bathroom or not if I end up having to see my breakfast again. Chances are, probably not (my desk is practically miles away from the nearest women’s bathroom). So I will do my best to avoid that. Maybe I should just eat cereal all day long? That seemed to help!

As if feeling queasy wasn’t enough, my eyelids are already closing and it’s 8:30am. It’s going to be a long day, folks. So the moral of the story? I think I’m really preggo! And now I can say I have the morning sickness to prove it. While I know there is something twisted about being happy about that, I kind of am!

When did your first pregnancy symptoms show up?


26 responses to “She Says… Feelin’ It

  1. Ugh, you are too good at describing this stuff, it almost brought my morning sickness back! 🙂 You need bedside snacks, eat something before sitting upright in the morning!

    My queasy “I’m going to yak” feelings lasted from week 7 to 12. I never actually threw up (unless dry heaves count) which I felt was disappointing since everyone assumes you throw up.

    Eat often, but don’t expect anything to alleviate the feeling for more than 15 min. Also, the tiredness? It is rough! I could have slept all day some days! And now you can’t have caffeine! No recommendations on that, but you have my sympathy.

    My morning sickness and tiredness remedy was a brisk walk with the dog, I never felt that pukey outside and the walk woke me up.

  2. My first symptoms started right away… sore boobs and hot flashes. Then, at about 6 or 7 weeks… hunger. Unsatisfiable, never ceasing hunger. And the tiredness. I am NOT a napper, and I can easily sleep for 2 hours every afternoon… and that is after 9 hours of sleep at night!

    Congrats on your first symptoms… as much as they stink, they are almost welcomed aren’t they??

  3. Yay! I’m glad you are finally starting to feel pregnant! Nausea, fatigue, peeing all the time! I would take any of those symptoms any day if it meant I was growing a beautiful baby inside of me! 🙂

  4. Don’t ever, ever, ever let yourself get hungry. I survived on wheat thins, peppermints, and ginger ale. I was nauseated constantly, not just in the mornings. I did NOT want to eat but I made myself eat. Eat things that don’t have strong smells. If I smelled something before I ate it, I couldn’t handle it. Cooking was the LAST thing I wanted to do. Or I’d cook for my husband and eat something else. Stick to really mild, bland foods. Eating out was good for me, too, because I didn’t smell the foods before I ate. (Couldn’t do mexican!)

  5. Awww, honey, I’m so sorry that the m/s has hit you… but at least you can’t say that you don’t feel pregnant!! 🙂 Hang in there!

  6. I am so sorry!! I know those feelings all to well! I can remember that exact same scenario of hairdrying and just uuugghhh feeling, a coule of times, I had to just stop drying my hair and go lie on the bed until passed…so not fun, and yes snacking on something most of the day will help. AND try keeping some crackers or something by the bed and eat a few before you even get up. That helps too! And try adding some lemon to that water, tart things seems to help m/s as well.

    Good Luck!

  7. Yuck, sounds not-so-fun! I know this sounds crazy, but I would be REVELING in pregnancy-induced nausea. hahaha. 🙂 Hang in!

  8. Taryn M. Peine

    I HATE these feelings! I’m nervous this will happen to me – I’m a total baby about being sick to my stomach. I’ll probably prescribe myself a nine-month bed rest… 😉

  9. Kara, Ha! Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to bring up bad memories 🙂 So true about food not alleviating the pukeyness for more than 15 minutes! So weird. I have a feeling I’m going to be eating more dry cereal than ever before.

    Casey, They are DEFINITELY welcomed. But still very disconcerting to be staring at my gorgeous salad (that I bring almost every day for lunch) and wanting to throw it in the trash and eat fluffy white bread or rice cakes.

    Grace, Totally. I’ll take it all. Bring it on, Pregnancy!

    Lauren, Good advice! I feel like this came on all of a sudden this morning. Yesterday I was cooking dinner and feeling fine, and today? Wham-o. Feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. And now I want to eat every 15 minutes, but only carbohydrates. Hmmm, not exactly a recipe for a healthy, fit pregnancy…

    Stef, So true! As I said, not complainin’, just surprised at the intensity of this something-I-thought-was-maybe-imaginary sickness. It’s not imaginary. It’s very, very real.

    Amy, Oooh good tips, thank you! Yeah, I may be going crazy curly haired for awhile… the blowdrying thing felt like torture this morning! I can only imagine how I would feel if this were summer. Ick.

    suchagoodegg, I know, we are sick puppies! I am kind of secretly (not so secretly?) thankful that I feel like this. Makes this last week before the ultrasound feel more real. Unfortunately also makes it go sloooooower. 😦

    Taryn, I know. To me, throwing up is practically THE WORST THING that can happen to a person. As a kid I would do almost anything NOT to throw up. Even the thought of it pains me. Fortunately (I guess?), this nausea so far hasn’t actually made me throw up. Oh who am I kidding, it’s only the first day! I guess it will help me get over my fear of puking.

  10. Yea! I think women who have had trouble with pregnancy can totally relate to being “thrilled” with the normal and sometimes unpleasant side effects of being pregnant. I am so thrilled that all is right on track. As always, you are in our prayers.

  11. Aww, I’m sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. Just hang in there for another 8 months and it’ll all be worth it 🙂

  12. I used to share your fear/detest of throwing up. Then I threw up right around 100 times for each of my two back-to-back pregnancies. It’s awful, but you’ll get used to it if you do throw up. I’d actually choose the throwing up way over the unending nausea (MORNING sickness? ha!). Hang in there, drink as much water as you can (though I’d throw that up, too), try to eat a little bit every hour throughout the day, and don’t worry about your weight. Good luck!!

  13. Awwwww, so happy for you, in a weird way, and your confirmation of m/s! I just hope this week goes by fast for you. Perhaps a sleeping bag under your desk would help? 🙂

  14. I don’t remember when it first showed up but it was pretty soon. I found that preggy pops or really ANYTHING to suck on (suckers, jolly ranchers, hard candy of ANY kind) really helped. I had that feeling basically until 14 weeks. I never puked but WANTED to to get it to go away. I was also SO tired that I was literally green looking. I had random MEN at work ask me if I was okay and telling me that I should go home almost on a daily basis. If men noticed-you know it was bad! It was SO worth it though!

  15. Aly and Nabeela, Thank you!

    Jenn, Ha! Oh no, I hope I don’t have 100 times to look forward to. But if I did and that meant a beautiful baby or two, I’ll take it. Totally true about getting it over with, too… I’d much rather puke once and feel better than draw out the nausea like I did today. Blehhhhh.

    Colleen, Oooh, a sleeping bag would DEFINITELY help. Darn cubicle, unfortunately everyone would see me on the floor. I did tell my boss today (even though it’s super early) and she was so understanding and excited for me. She said she totally understands morning sickness, so at least she won’t fire me for looking exhausted and ill all of the time!

    Chelsea, I hear you on the whole not-puking-even-though-you-want-to thing. Yuck. I’m definitely stopping at the grocery store for some suckers today. I just walked by a coworker’s desk and smelled her orange, and it smelled divine. So maybe I’ll be picking up some citrus fruit as well!

  16. Nobody really knows I’m pregnant (9 weeks) but I threw up in my mom’s driveway (don’t sprint out really quick to get something in the car right after eating LOL) and I’m ALWAYS tired. My mom keeps making fun of me b/c everytime she calls I’m in bed; if she only knew…..I’m going to see how long I can hide it from her!

  17. I hope the morning sickness period is a quick one for you! I think I would feel the same way as you, as much as it is terrible, its nice to have a physiologic symptom of the pregnancy! Hang in there! If benadryl is not contraindicated in pregancy it works great for nausea.


  18. i got sick for the first time at 6 weeks. i kept saltines at my bedside, which helped, but the two best pieces of advice i received were to never let myself get too hungry and to suck on lemon drops. i tried preggy pops (purchased at babies r us), and they worked well, too.

    hang in there! a friend told me that she found morning sickness to be worse than labor. i’m not sure i would go THAT far, but it was pretty awful! you’ll feel AMAZING once it passes!

  19. Oh yeah, you’re pregnant! 🙂 I know the “I’m so glad to have morning sickness” feeling. I agree, you’re fantastic at describing the sensation. Ugh. Mine hit at like 12 DPO, no joke. Everyone’s given you good advice…ginger ale, saltines, Preggie Pops are all things I carried with me practically at all times. And, these whole grain fruit and yogurt bars that I could sometimes stomach.

    I am a “bigger” PCOSer and I ate way more white carbs than I though I should during the first trimester because, as you pointed out, that’s what I could stomach. And, in the end, I lost weight, so really, don’t worry. Your body really does let you do amazing things and if it’s telling you to eat a cracker, then eat a cracker!

  20. My nausea always hit at night after dinner — evening sickness instead of morning sickness. I agree with one of the PPs — I couldn’t cook/eat at home because the smell of cooking food made me sick, so we ate out a LOT during those first few weeks!

  21. Kate, all I wanted was carbs as well. I wanted NO sweets at all. NO meats at all. Mine began to let up around 14-15 weeks and by 20 weeks I was eating normally (or more than normal!) again. I’m like you, you just wake up one morning and all of a sudden you don’t feel well. It happens the same way with feeling better, too. You just wake up and all of a sudden food tastes fantastic again! I never threw up but I sure didn’t feel good. I was just thinking this morning that I might have to change my moisturizer because it reminds me of early pregnancy nausea! The end result is fantastic, though! I have a fat 7-week old hanging out in a swing in my bedroom! Hang in there and be SO happy that it’s happening!

  22. C, Congratulations!!! Wow, that is a huge secret to be keeping from your mom all this time. How exciting when you actually tell her. I hope your sickness doesn’t get too bad, it might blow your cover 🙂

    jennyh, Thank you and thanks for the Benadryl suggestion! I’ll do some Googling on that one.

    Laurie, I think my morning sickness must be VERY mild, then, since I don’t think this is anywhere near what labor will be like! Ha. All good advice, thanks! I went to the store last night and stocked up on crackers and mint-flavored candies. This morning I’m feeling a whole lot better, but I’m sure that won’t be the last time that morning sickness rears its ugly head!

    Beth, Wow, you are superwoman for dealing with morning sickness from 12dpo! Although it made me nervous, I’m glad I’ve had at least two weeks without really having to deal with it. And, as I just wrote above, I am actually feeling much better today, so maybe it will be an on-and-off thing for me. I sure hope so! Also, good to know that you ended up losing weight even with all the carbs. I’m not going to let it bother me until it’s time to take those pounds OFF.

    Alison, Oooh, yes, I can see how cooking dinner would have felt horrible given the way I felt yesterday. I was lucky in that once I went home and walked the dog after work last night, I felt much better, and ate a normal dinner (although the thought of raw veggies still turned me off, so I had soup). This morning I’m feeling much better than yesterday, but still not 100%, so we’ll see how the day goes.

    Lauren, Aww, I can’t WAIT for the day that I have a fat 7-week old sitting in a swing 🙂 SO CUTE. Yes, it was so weird the way it came on all of a sudden. And today I feel relatively normal. Still munching on crackers at 9am, but not ill like I was yesterday. Maybe it’ll be every other day for me? Not so bad! Hee hee.

  23. And on a totally unrelated note, I read you guys on Google Reader and your BFP video didn’t show up! Everyone’s talking about this video and I had NO IDEA what it was! I knew you were pregnant, obviously, but I missed the BIG announcement. I’ve been reading for MONTHS and I missed it! So I just watched it and had to hold back the tears! Priceless! What a WONDERFUL thing to have forever and ever! When we found out it was totally different. I was alone at home and I called my hubs to get home quickly. We went out for supper that night, though! 🙂

  24. Lauren, Whoa, BUMMER. I didn’t realize that. I wonder why that is. I don’t use Google reader, but I guess I’d better learn how to accomodate it or people are going to miss the FUTURE videos like our first ultrasound and other big firsts! Thanks for letting me know!

  25. It’s kind of “nice” in a way to feel those first symptoms isn’t it? I felt tired and emotional right away, before I even tested but around 6 weeks or so started to feel nauseous in the morning until about 12, tired, sore boobs and nice, big mood swings mostly directed at my lovely husband 🙂 I agree with everyone else, do not let yourself get hungry. I’ve taken to keeping saltines in my nightstand and getting a glass of OJ as soon as I get up. And eat what sounds good to you, don’t try to talk yourself out of something, sometimes a spoonful of ice cream really is the best medicine!

  26. YAY for morning sickness! I was so happy when mine finally hit when I was pregnant with my son. I found that the preggie pops helped, but also, as strange as it may sound – sipping a regular Coke, ice-cold – straight from the can – worked wonders! I would pair it with salty potato chips and my stomach calmed down. I did this once a day when I had m/s from week 6 – week 11, then it lifted and I felt FANTASTIC throughout my second tri. Don’t panic if it comes and goes. I’d have crappy days when I felt it constantly, and then days when I felt perfectly fine for the majority of the day. Hang in there ~ it does get better, I promise! Keep the updates coming!

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