She Says… Christmas time!

To me, the Christmas season officially starts the day after Thanksgiving. No, not because the stores start to go crazy with holiday sales, but because Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a season full of delicious food and time with family. And Christmas decorations. I LOVE Christmas decorations.

But it never really feels like Christmas until the first snowfall. And guess what I woke up to this morning? Glittering, white snow covering the cars and trees and sidewalks. Yay!

With all of the excitement of the last week and a half, I have not even begun my Christmas shopping. After a morning yoga class, it’s time for Christmas shopping for this girl! Christmas has a special excitement about it this year, too, because of little piccolini. As Benjamin and I decorate the tree and travel to see my family, I can’t help but fast-forward one year and think of how much fun it will be to have a sweet, little 4-month old (or two!) to share the Christmas joy with. I can’t wait to play Santa!


2 responses to “She Says… Christmas time!

  1. We got into the Christmas spirit right after Thanksgiving too. We have the tree up, my little village put together and we have had Christmas music playing every day. The only thing we are missing is snow..oh, wait, I would even take some cold weather! We live in Florida and our cold front last night brought the temperature down to 75 degrees. Brrr;-)

  2. Seems like everything is coming together wonderfully for you!! I love the first snowfall, too. I grew up always having a white Christmas, so to me, it’s just not the same unless there’s snow on the ground. I’m reallllly hoping that we get pregnant again right away – if all goes well, I will have the best Christmas present I could think of!!!!

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