Daily Archives: November 23, 2009

She Says… Preparations of Global Proportions

Do you know what is the food at the top of the food chain with the highest levels of many toxic contaminants? Human breast milk. That means that we have reached a point where the smallest members of our societies — our babies — are getting their highest lifetime dose of toxic chemicals from breastfeeding from their mothers. Is that not an incredible violation? — Story of Stuff

I guess I should start by saying that I am not posting this to scare people about breastfeeding. I totally believe that breast is best, as they say, and it’s perfectly safe to breastfeed. I hope that I get to do it someday. However, that statement (made in this interesting video; transcript with sources and footnotes is here) shocked me, and made me think very hard about the toxin-laden world in which we live.

We shouldn’t have to worry about whether the products we buy are safe, but we do. Why? Because there is growing evidence that everyday consumer products we buy for our homes and families are tainted with chemicals that cause birth defects, reproductive, developmental, and behavioral harm, and even cancer. It’s an outrage. And we want to do something about it. — MOMS (Making Our Milk Safe)

Even though I’m not a mother (yet) and have no reason to be worrying about breast milk, I still worry about the amount of unnecessary chemicals that I am exposed to every day. And although I can’t change the world’s natural resource extraction or the chemicals “they” insist on putting into products, I can control what I buy. And what I eat. And how I dispose of my trash.

We have to prepare the world to be around for our kids. And prepare our kids to take care of the world. But it’s a preparation that has to start right here, right now. Even though I don’t have kids yet.

So, as they say, I’m putting my money where my mouth is, and “voting” with my grocery shopping. We shop almost exclusively at Whole Foods now to make a statement about how much we value sustainable business practices and chemical-free foods. Even though it’s a little more expensive (although I have become QUITE the pro at maximizing the budget and planning every meal), it’s totally worth it to me. Tonight we will pick up our hormone-free, nitrate-free, free range turkey for Thanksgiving. And I’m sure I will swallow hard when I see that grocery bill. But really, what’s a few more dollars if it means the baby I hope I’m growing can develop free from harmful chemicals and fake ingredients? It seems a small price to pay.

Do you eat organic or sustainably grown foods? Why or why not? Those of you trying to conceive, have you changed your eating habits at all to “prepare”?

P.S. TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL THE BIG DAY! What? Didja think I forgot?!