She Says… One Step Forward

Wow, that first week of the two week wait went by REALLY quickly. I have been so busy! Even though I’m still thinking about being pregnant almost every second of every day, I have a much more zen mindset this cycle. Less Googling, more dreaming; less stressing, more accepting. I’m doing several new things to help prepare my body for possible pregnancy, and I’m feeling optimistic, but not letting my hopes get too high yet.

Some good things have been going on:

  • My temps have stayed elevated since ovulation (though not skyrocketing)
  • I’ve been chilling out on the cardio and just doing lots of walking
  • I’ve felt lots of twinges and muscle tensing and stuff going on in my lower abdomen — things are definitely happening!
  • No bleeding! This time last cycle (7 dpo) I had my bleeding incident, which, looking back on it, was most likely a partial period as a result of my partial ovulation. Since it was so early and so small, I mistook it for implantation bleeding. But no bleeding this time (yet), which is a great sign!

And the really good news I just got — my progesterone test this morning showed a level of 25.5! A perfectly healthy number! Anything above 10 is considered “good” and confirmation that ovulation occurred, but 25 shows that my body is capable of sustaining a pregnancy on its own without more drugs or supplements. Seeing as last month my progesterone level was .22 (yes, less than one!), a 25.5 is a HUGE improvement.

So… I’m feeling good! I’m off to a midday yoga class (ah, the joys of working from home once in awhile) to meditate on the implantation I hope is happening in there RIGHT NOW 🙂 One more week until the very important blood test!


14 responses to “She Says… One Step Forward

  1. Kate!! What fantastic news– that progesterone level is AWESOME. (Mine last cycle was 0.79) Can’t wait to count down this week with you!! Fingers crossed!

  2. .22 to 25.5 is amazing! Yay!

  3. yay for being patient! it’s always the things we have to wait for or work extra hard on that are the most awesome to finally get.

  4. Wow! 25 is amazing! I never had higher than 15! That is great news! Yay!

  5. That is one damn good progesterone level! Awesome!
    Hope this next week goes by quickly for you 🙂

  6. Glad to hear things are looking good! 🙂

  7. Great STATS!!! Well, at least your 1st week has flown by, mine not so much. Praying for great results this cycle!!!

  8. A 25.5!!! Great news!

    Things sound great for this cycle — fingers crossed!

  9. That number is Off. The. Charts. 🙂 Yip yip yip!!!!! Super awesome news, Kate!

  10. Hoorayyyyyyyyyy! ❤

  11. Great News!! Praying for a quick week for you and me.

    I am almost on the same cycle as you. This is my second month trying and I am due to get my period on Monday. The waiting is killing me! Every day I hope for some sign that I am pregnant. I think because I am so hypersensitive to my body at this point any different feeling makes me wonder. I am trying not to drive myself crazy.

    Keep us posted!

  12. OMG Im so excited for you!!!!!!! I really hope next week you get amazing news!

  13. What wonderful news! I am SO excited for you! Keeping you in my prayers! 🙂

  14. Thanks, ladies! I am very excited. Trying not to let myself get all worked up, though… plenty of women ovulate every cycle, presumably have mature follicles ready, have plenty of progesterone, and they still don’t get preggo. 20% chance each month. Whereas last cycle I was convincing myself every little thing was a sign that I was pregnant, this time around I’m convincing myself NOTHING is a sign! Won’t know anything concrete until next Wednesday. Sigh.

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