She Says… OUCH!

All day yesterday I felt cramping and fullness in my lower, left abdomen… you know, right about where my left ovary might be. I was shocked to realize I can actually feel those two big follicles! While Benjamin and I were, ermm, following the doctor’s orders, I could feel the spot aching and it kind of felt like it was being poked and prodded. Not terrible pain, just enough to annoy me and distract me from the task at hand (sorry, honey!). 

Then, this morning at 5am I was woken up by more pain. It felt like I had a really uncomfortable gas bubble or something… but it wasn’t in my stomach, it was definitely off to the left side and more internal than normal gas pain. Still not terrible pain, but enough to wake me up. I could barely get back to sleep, I was so excited that I might actually be feeling ovulation! The only thing that makes me nervous is that I felt something similar last month (remember? I described it as mittelschmerz), and then I didn’t really ovulate. But I’m trying to remember to TRUST THE DOCTORS and believe that ovulation is really taking place this time.

Since I was up, and it was only an hour before I normally wake up and take my basal body temperature, I thought I’d take it, just to see. The day before I had been at 97.7. This morning at 5am it was 98.3! For realsies, I think this means I ovulated. Let’s HOPE that number stays nice and high, and continues to climb over the next two weeks!

So now I’m at work, and the pain has mostly subsided. I still feel the “gas bubble” feeling, especially after I pee. And it is sore when I get up out of my desk chair. In an effort to keep those little follicles happy, I’m going to skip the gym today and give the dog a nice walk instead.

Have you ever felt your growing follicles or ovulation? Is there anything else I can do to make SURE I ovulated?


22 responses to “She Says… OUCH!

  1. Kate I totally felt it this time!! My doc says since I haven’t ovulated for so long and I had 4 or 5 follicles, I would feel something!!! Also, I am pretty sure I felt implantation. Very weird feelings for me after having no periods for a year. FYI- today I went for my first ultrasound! Baby is fine, but I also saw those other big follicles still hanging out in there. Which makes you very bloated!! Ugh. The trade off for using fertility meds….

  2. My first few cycles on Clomid left me extremely sore and bloated around ovulation. It hurt to walk, sit, anything, really . I went in to make sure I didn’t have OHSS, and they said everything was fine . So I think it’s normal!

  3. romancingthestone

    Hey Kate! It’s totally normal to feel that bubble. Horray for you! Please drink lots of water. As they stim you your body will need it to keep the eggs plump and growing. It also helps to prevent hyperstimulation and sometimes alleviates the cramps.

    I’m thinking of you lady. Remember, if you need a local hug I’m around

  4. Woo hoo! Fingers crossed & prayin hard!

  5. Sounds good all around–the ovulation pain, temp jump and OPK! I definitely felt ovulation–after 10 years on the pill, I think my ovaries had to work extra hard from being out of practice for so long! I don’t ever remember feeling that before I was on the pill, but it was just like you described. Fingers crossed for you!

  6. I was always the opposite. I swore that I felt it on months where nothing ended up happening, and then the month I got pregnant- I had no pain at all. But my body is unique and semi-stupid! I’m praying for you!

  7. Hi, I’m a new reader. Sounds like things are happening as they are supposed to! I hope I can experience the same pains in a couple of weeks. I start my first round of Clomid on Sunday, and hope to ovulate the week of Thanksgiving! Hopefully we can have an abundance of BFPs around these parts…

  8. Great news on yesterday’s post, now hoping for you that this little bit of pain will be for one amazing reason!

  9. I just posted about my crazy pains on my right side. Fingers crossed for the dreaded 2ww.
    Great diaghram!!

  10. Guess what? I think you O’ed last night!! 😉

    I never feel anything O-wise, but I’m just stupid down there, I think. I’m the only person I ever heard of with stage IV endometriosis who had no idea they had it. And I always thought I was lucky not to have cramps!

  11. Tracy, That’s great to hear! Since it worked for you, maybe this means good things are coming my way too! Yes, I’m in the same boat — I haven’t ovulated in over a decade, so it’s no wonder the gears are a-crankin’ down there this month. I’m so glad to hear your first ultrasound was a success! I never thought about that darn bloating sticking around once you had a baby in there. Worth it, no question, but how annoying!

    Jen, Thank you! That helps. Yes, I did some Googling (is anyone surprised?) and found that a lot of women on medicated cycles felt the same twinges and gas bubbles as I am feeling right now. If it means I really truly ovulated, I’ll take it!

    romancingthestone, Thanks, Shell! I totally appreciate the support. I’m glad this is normal, too! I’ve been chugging water like it’s my job… I’m thirsty all the time! It almost hasn’t stopped since last cycle. Definitely my body telling me what it needs.

    Casey, Thank you! ME TOO.

    Sue, That must be it — my ovaries are waking up after their looooong hibernation. Hopefully this will be the only time I’ll need to grin and bear it, though. Next time I plan to be PREGGO.

    Amber, How frustrating for you! One never knows!

    Heather, How exciting to start your first round of Clomid! I hope you respond well to it and don’t have any side effects. Keep me posted on how things go!

    MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt, Yes! Excellent point. I am MORE than happy to ride it out if it means I’ll get that BFP soon!

    Courtney F, Yay! I hope those pains mean what we think they do! Let the 2 week wait commence. Ugh, it’s the worst! I hope we’re celebrating together around Thanksgiving…

    Lara, I HOPE SO! It certainly seems like I did. And I guess you ARE kind of lucky that you never got cramps… I’m sure it can be much worse!

  12. Wahoo!!! Do you have a chart online? Would love to stalk it, if so!

  13. I’ve Been reading for a month or do and I’m so hopeful and excited for you! I too have PCOS and feel your pain. I am hopefully going to start my first round of clomid in December, and I cannot wait! Would love tonhear any suggestions and tips you have( totally gonna do the robatussin, hehe). Good luck to you and your Hubby! Hopefully turkey day will be one for the books 🙂

  14. I think the pain is a good sign that you ovulated!! I hope your hubby’s guys are romancin’ your egg(s) right now :-).

    Good luck this month!

  15. This is the same Heather from earlier… 🙂

    What is the deal with the Robitussin? How much am I supposed to take, and starting when? Any particular time of day I should take it? I need all the help I can get!

  16. Hi Kate, that’s totally good news. I also had cramps last cycle I didnt run at all, I just walked 5 miles which it was boring but I was in too much pain to run and the nurse also said not to do it. I really hope you got a big fat positive this month. Today I started on my second round of Clomid =) ..Im super happy!

  17. Yes, I felt ovulation pain both times I know I ovulated, totally normal! Some women who actually have normal cycles and ovulate every month (imagine that!) feel it most every time. Sounds like all signs point to a good cycle this time. I just want to remind you that no matter what happens in 2 weeks, do not give up hope! Good things are happening.

  18. WHOOOO! Wishing you all the best!

  19. Stef, You’re the first person to ask me that! I’ve only recently entered all of my info into I just wrote a post all about it, just for you!

    Jennyh, Hi! Thank you so much. I hope it will! Sorry to hear you’re struggling with the same crap. Starting Clomid is exciting, though. And for many people with PCOS, all you need to do is get ovulating and it’s only a matter of time before they are pregnant. Let’s hope we’re both THAT kind of PCOS patient!

    Al, YES! Me too. I’m trying to be gentle with my body, even though the ovulation pain is pretty much gone. No high impact exercise and trying to just relax. I want them to be as COMFORTABLE as possible in there so they get together and stay together 🙂

    Heather, I think I will do a post on this topic soon. In the meantime, I did some Google searching and found that Robitussin helps to break up sticky cervical mucus, which can be hard for sperm to swim through. The guaifenesin (active ingredient in expectorants and cold medicine) does the same thing to that glob of CM that it would do to a glob of phlegm or boogers (gross! sorry!), it breaks it down into a more liquid form, so it can come out. So taking it can help thin cervical mucus, which is sometimes thickened by Clomid. I’m not sure if I really needed to take it, but I have read that it works, and I figured a little cough syrup couldn’t hurt me. You’re supposed to take 2 teaspoons once a day, starting a few days after you finished your Clomid, leading up to ovulation. I read that it’s best to continue it up until ovulation day.

    Zuly, I’ve been totally taking it easy with the exercise too. Lots of walking, and I think I’ll do some yoga for the next few days. Hey, if it will help implantation, I’ll do ANYTHING! Good luck on this round of Clomid, I hope it does the trick!

    Beth, Thank you so much for your kind words — you are right. In fact, I would be so pleased just to get a period this time, even if it’s not my time to be pregnant. Although, of course, I’m hoping for the latter 🙂

    Nabeela, Thanks!

  20. Thanks for the info on the Robitussin! I picked some up at the pharmacy today when I went to pick up my Clomid prescription. I was a little worried that I was maybe supposed to have started taking it already, but it’s good to know I won’t need to take it until after the Clomid. I *HATE* cough syrup, so it’s going to take real willpower to choke it down every day!

    I should hopefully ovulate around the same time you get to take a test (and hopefully receive a BFP!). 🙂

    As a side note… as I was driving home from work yesterday, it occurred to me that I’m pretty sure I have experienced the pain you speak of. Only I had it *naturally,* not because of Clomid. Over the summer, I had a 100-day anovulatory cycle, had to take Provera, had my period, etc. During the next cycle, I’m pretty sure I did ovulate on my own based on temperatures. Around the time of ovulation, I had pains very similar to how you’re describing now… the sharp pains when I moved a certain way, and pains in my right side during sex. It ended up going away on its own within a week or so, and when I asked my doctor about it at my annual appt, she had explained to me about an enlarged follicle or whatever, but I didn’t really remember/get it until now! Apparently since my body had gone almost five months without ovulating, my follicles must have gotten really big!

    Unfortunately after that cycle, I’ve gone back to not ovulating, hence the Provera I just finished and the Clomid starting on Sunday. *sigh* I’m just praying it works!

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I hope your pain has since subsided!

  21. Heather, Good luck! I hope the Clomid does its work and you have that to be thankful for in two weeks! Also, that’s so interesting that you felt the ovulation pain without meds. I guess I should be glad I don’t feel it EVERY month (if I ovulated like a normal person, say), as it was quite uncomfortable! Yes, it has gone away now… although the other day when it was really bad I had to unbutton my pants on my walk home from work! Ha!

  22. I have no idea what it feels like to “feel the follicles” but I know that when I’ve had ovarian cyst(s) they have hurt like the devil. Typically I don’t notice when I’m ovulating (if I am?)

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