She Says… Trust Me. I’m a Doctor.

Ok, the nurse called me back. For those that need a little background, check out my previous post.

She said that my follicles looked great! The tech even mentioned during my appointment that my uterus looked “perfect” (there’s that word again… if everything is so perfect down there, why aren’t I ovulating or getting preggo?!).  Oooh, I’m blushing! The two big follies in the left ovary (24mm and 25mm) were definitely mature. Most docs like to see follies measuring 18mm-22mm on medicated cycles. So mine were nice and big! Even more importantly, the nurse said that my bloodwork showed an LH level of 56.6. I googled the heck out of that one, and found out that anything >20 is considered a surge big enough to cause ovulation. Wahoo! Big numbers!

So, bottom line is that it looks like my body is going to ovulate on its own (maybe it’s happening right now?!). The nurse said not to use the Ovidrel. I was kind of bummed, since I don’t know whether or not to trust my body this time around (since last time I got a positive OPK, but then a progesterone test indicated I didn’t really ovulate). I kept asking her, “Ok, but would using the trigger HELP in any way?”. She said no, there was no reason to use it if my body was ovulating on its own. So I’m going to put down my Google PhD and TRUST THE DOCTORS. I didn’t use the injectible hcG (even though I really, really wanted to), and Benjamin and I enjoyed some afternoon delight to take advantage of the possible ovulation happening at that very moment.

We scheduled a progesterone test for next Wednesday to check my levels, and a blood pregnancy test the following Wednesday (the day right before Thanksgiving).  Benjamin and I were instructed to “have relations” (I still giggle a little bit on the inside when the nurse says it like that) today and tomorrow to make sure we hit the ovulation time. Uh, got that covered. Although I may have to go in late to work tomorrow to make sure we stick to our timeline!


20 responses to “She Says… Trust Me. I’m a Doctor.

  1. Yeah! Good news!

  2. Such good news!! Saying a prayer that this is your month!! Now go get busy!!

  3. What an amazing day!! I think 11/11 really IS lucky. Don’t forget to make your wish at 11:11pm tonight to seal the deal!!

  4. I had a feeling you wouldn’t need the trigger with follies that big. Oh, why am I even bothering to comment on this post, you’re going to be too busy having relations for the next 2 days to read it! 😉

  5. Enjoy your “relations” :-). DH likes to call it “coitus” he thinks it’s hilarious.

    It would be such a great thanksgiving treat to get a BFP the day before!! Here’s hoping…

  6. Good luck! I got a positive OPK today too, so here’s hoping for an additional blessing on Thanksgiving for both of us.

  7. Kate, just letting you know I got the BFP I have been waiting for! After the clomid didn’t work I had to do injections, but it was totally worth it! I am praying it’s your time too!!!! 🙂

  8. OMG Im so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is going to work out perfect..have a glass of wine and enjoy! Good luck!!!

  9. Great news!!! 56.6 is a fabulous LH surge 🙂

  10. Truly awesome news!!! That’s a heck of a surge!! Fingers crossed for “connection!”

  11. Nice. 🙂 I hope both of those fatties are released (twins!?!).

  12. Awesome news! All the signs are there, a positive BFP is in your sights! Enjoy the heck out of the next couple of days and then don’t stress. It’s going to happen 🙂

    Tracy, how did you find the injections?

  13. Congrats!

    As someone currently on pelvic rest and forbidden from having “relations” with my husband, I’m jealous of your doctor’s orders! 😉

  14. Good luck!!! Can’t wait to hear the results!

  15. Thanks, ladies! Yesterday was an exciting day. I was giddy with the news. This morning I realized that even a good ovulation with two big follicles doesn’t guarantee pregnancy (I guess it’s STILL that 20% chance, even with all the stars aligning). I’m still super positive about it working out this time, just trying to keep my emotions in check and stay realistic.

    A few responses for specific people:

    Al, “Coitus” just made me laugh out loud. Ha! I love it.

    Mama K, Yay! Congrats to you! We certainly will have a lot to be thankful for if all goes well…

    Tracy, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! That’s wonderful news.

    suchagoodegg, Oh believe me, the twins thing has DEFINITELY been on my mind since I saw those two, round little black holes on the ultrasound. I would be over the moon.

    Kara, Oh, I feel for you! Can you live vicariously through me? Good luck with the rest of your rest 🙂

  16. Awesome news! That’s great you responded so well to 100 mg. Hope this is THE cycle!
    Quick question…did the Robitussen *work*?

  17. APlusB, It’s a good question– and I don’t have a very good answer. I’m not sure. I have never really had all that much CM to examine in the first place, and I’ve only started to notice it recently (when I wasn’t ovulating, so there wasn’t much to track). I took the Robitussin as a precautionary measure, but since it’s my first cycle ovulating, I don’t really know if I needed it or not. In the end, things were a bit dry. Who knows, though, if that was the Clomid’s fault or just my body’s normal routine. I didn’t see any sticky or crumbly CM since I started taking it, so that was a good sign, I think! Next cycle (if there is a next cycle, of course) I think I will probably invest in some of the Pre-Seed.

  18. Kate,

    I just caught up on your posts!!! YAY!! I am so excited for you and Benjamin – your body responded to the 100 mg…it’s all it needed to get that nice dark pink line. And an ultrasound never lies!!! FUN FUN FUN..Good luck and enjoy the next few days…

  19. i wonder if there is a special leave code for work for such an absence or lateness 😀

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