She Says… Even on Halloween

… I can’t get away from the fertility issue! This year, my main man and I transformed ourselves into the epitome of babymakers: Jon and Kate Gosselin. As most of you know, Benjamin and I used to really love Jon & Kate + 8 (we blogged about them here, here and here); before all of their divorce drama happpened, of course. It just seemed too perfect not to parody them this year.


When we entered the Halloween party, we were greeted with screams and laughter — everyone knew exactly who we were, thanks to the very authentic reverse-mullet wig I found 🙂



We even won a costume contest!



As far as the Clomid goes, the 100mgs are going down just fine. No new side effects or weird reactions. Lets hope my eggs get rolling soon… but not 6 at once (a la Kate Gosselin), mmmkay?

13 responses to “She Says… Even on Halloween

  1. Y’all look great!! very creative idea!

  2. AHAHAHA, perfect! I love.

  3. There are no doubts as to who you two were! You looked great!

  4. O.M.G.

    LOVE THIS!! You guys have had some great costumes over the years & I really enjoyed yesterday’s post. Jon + Kate was perfect!

    Glad to hear the Clomid is going ok…fingers crossed for you guys!!

  5. Very cute 🙂 100mg was the one that got my follies moving. Hope it works for you too.

  6. Thanks, ladies! It was such a fun night. Our friends even put me in an oversized chair and started asking me interview questions about Jon and the kids. I entertained them with a few answers, but everyone agreed that I wasn’t very good at scowling all of the time… I’m too smiley!

  7. Hi Kate,
    I love the costumes!

    It’s good to know that this round of Clomid is treating you well! Hopefully it’s the last round of meds you’ll need!

    I actually have a question for anyone out there that has had an IUI. My husband and I had an IUI on Tuesday and on Saturday, Halloween, I had blood taken to check my progesterone. I was told it was good and to give myself the booster shot of HCG. I never asked what the actual level was though so I called back today and was told that it was “greater than 20.” Apparently, once it’s greater than 20, the lab doesn’t give an exact number. Does anyone know if “greater than 20” is a good sign of ovulation and/or pregnancy?

  8. Michelle,

    I haven’t had an IUI, but I’ve read that Progesterone levels should be over 10 on a natural cycle and over 15 on a medicated cycle– so “greater than 20” sounds great. It’s an indication of ovulation, but it’s not an indication of pregnancy.

    Hope this helps!

  9. haha, great wig! Hilarious!

    Hope 100 mgs does the trick for u!

  10. Stef
    Thanks so much! Knowing that it is a good indication of ovulation is a relief. Since ovulation is my problem, I was so worried that we were going to do the IUI and then find out that we never even ovulated! So at least now I can feel comfortable knowing that my body in the least cooperated with the HCG trigger injection. 1 week left before we’ll know if the IUI was successful! Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

    Thanks again! 🙂

  11. Really funny, you guys look awesome =)

  12. Hi Kate and Bejamin,

    Love the costumes! I choose to no longer watch the show either because of the drama. Hope you are having a great trip. Also, wanted to mention Pre-Seed. Maybe you have heard of it, but Clomid does make cervical mucous hostile and this stuff is safe and contains nothing that will harm the sperm. This is our first month using it, and I love it!
    Baby dust!

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