He Says… Come Home, Kate!

(This is not an attempt to write another sappy post.)

Kate went away for the weekend to visit her family, and I got off the hook to join her.  I was actually really looking forward to a weekend home alone as I haven’t had one all year probably.  I had a boy’s poker night on Friday night, slept late, watched tv, ate fewer vegetables than normal, didn’t go to the gym, etc.  It was just like being a bachelor again.  One of my friends who came over who has a 4-month old daughter told me to relish in this time to myself as I will not get it once we have a kid.  I certainly realize that, so attempted to do as little as possible all weekend (come on, I have been working really hard recently…I needed a little break).

Anyways, now I am bored.  I want my wife back.  It’s very quiet when Kate isn’t around and Schnitzel (our labradoodle) doesn’t have much to say.  Unfortunately Kate is gone the week after this one, too, for work and I’ll be all alone again.  Boo.  But then she’ll be back and we can get back on track to make a baby.

So, come home Kate.  I miss you.  And I need some vegetables.


3 responses to “He Says… Come Home, Kate!

  1. Young man, get thee to some vegetables!

    NoodleGuy and I always get a rush out of weekend home alone since it doesn’t happen often, but the thrill lasts about 6-8 hours and then whichever one of us was left at home is bored, bored, bored and lonely. I take that as a good sign for out relationship!

  2. I agree that it is a very good sign of a healthy relationship.

    I found a carrot in the refrigerator. So I ate that.

  3. I love that.

    I always hope that my husband misses me at least a little when I’m not home! It doesn’t happen very often, so he doesn’t get the chance to miss me, and sometimes I wonder if that’s not a very good thing… 😛

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