Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

She Says… Imaginary Friends

First things first, I apologize that we don’t have more babymaking details to give you. As you know, the plan for the next “try” (I can’t really call it a cycle anymore, since nothin’s cycling on its own!) is to double up the Clomid to 100mg and get a progesterone test at 7 days past ovulation to see if I really ovulate and/or have a low progesterone issue. But, as Benjamin explained, we have a lot of tricky scheduling coming up: he’s traveling, then I’m traveling, etc. And since I need to ovulate and then have the progesterone test, I need to make sure I’m scheduling ovulation at a time when I’ll be home, and then I’ll be home again a week later. Yikes!

After much calendar shuffling, I think we’re going to start the Clomid on Halloween. I’m a little bummed that means that we’re hanging out doing nothing (on the babymaking front, at least) for a few weeks an eternity, but I guess two more weeks won’t kill us!

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking a lot about telling our friends and family what we’re going through. In the beginning, I didn’t want to tell anyone that I wasn’t cycling normally because a) that’s pretty personal, and most people don’t want to hear about my periods and b) I wanted them to be surprised when they found out I was preggo. As the months have gone by and I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, I am slowly coming to the realization that I am not like everyone else. That I really do have a fertility issue. It still hasn’t hit me entirely — I still feel like we’re going to get pregnant really, really soon and I won’t ever have to face the “I” word (infertility). And I will be able to say to people, “Oh, it took a few months, but now he/she is here and it’s fabulous!”.

That’s where you come in. You, my imaginary friends. Oh, I know that  you are all real people with real stories and real lives, jobs, etc. But since I only see you when I log-on to my computer, it kind of feels like you are imaginary. But you have been my source of comfort and friendship and release throughout the last few frustrating months. In some ways, I feel like I don’t need to tell people in my real life, because I already have a community of fabulous women who completely understand where I’m coming from (or try their very best to) and who root us on and support us. But in other ways, it would be really nice to be able to just chat with friends about cycles and Clomid and ovulation and periods and how my womb aches for a baby sometimes.

Lo and behold, the other day I saw that one of my readers and fellow bloggers has started a Boston Meetup Group called Rubyfeather. 

RubyFeather hopes to engage and empower women who are experiencing the ups and downs of  adding on to their families. We believe that we are stronger together, than individually. We are here to offer you some good energy, and some girl power. We meet up for coffee-talk, mocktails, mixers and outings. Whether you are single, married, gay, or straight, you are welcome. Whether your journey is through IVF, IUI, adoption, or the traditional method we encourage you to join us. We are not a “group therapy session” but a group of strong ladies who believe laughter and encouragement is the best medicine 

Are you in the Boston area? Do you want to meet up with us? Sign up for Rubyfeather! Thank you for organizing, Shell!

If you’re struggling with babymaking, have you told family and friends?