She Says… New Page! OUR STORY

Recently I’ve been passing the time by clicking through others’ blogrolls to find new fertility blogs to read. I still have my ridiculously long list of cooking/food/healthy living blogs that I read whenever I can, and now my fertility blog list is getting just as long. It’s an addiction, I tell you.

Anyway, in doing so, I have found myself mesmerized by others’ TTC journeys. When did they start? How long did it take them to figure out something was wrong? What medicine have they tried? How long were they on it? And on and on. So, since I think we have some new readers out there as a result of the recent Top Mommy Blog nomination, I thought I’d put together a little roundup of Benjamin’s and my story as well.

It’s on a new page, OUR STORY.


3 responses to “She Says… New Page! OUR STORY

  1. found you on the bump! Sounds like your story is somewhat similar to mine. Only I have never had a regular period. I haven’t been diagnosed with PCOS officially, but I am pretty sure I have at least some of the signs. I just switched doctors because my other doctor never talked to me or explained anything! Did first round of Clomid 50mg with her, but felt like I should switch now before heading into our second cycle. I wanted a doctor that was going to help me understand my body better and give me information. I also wanted a doctor that wasn’t rushed. I want to do a natural childbirth if and when we get pregnant, and I felt like a doctor that didn’t explain things now and was rushed to get out the door was probably not going to be patient and encouraging to someone wanting to go “natural!” So I just switched doctors this week and should start next week with my new doctor! I also have to get dosages of Provera to jump start my cycles…otherwise we might be waiting MONTHS before my period comes on its own.

  2. romancingthestone

    Kate, Lovely posting. I hope you win IN MORE WAYS THEN ONE!!! Be sure to pass on the word of our new Meetup!
    Until we meet in person…

  3. rachel debell, Hi! Thanks so much for reading! It sounds to me like now is a great time for you to switch doctors. At least from my experience, this whole “forcing your body to ovulate” thing is NOT as cut-and-dry as taking a few pills, and it requires quite a bit of monitoring. A doctor that you feel comfortable calling with all of your questions is a huge part of the process. Good luck! I hope the new doc figures your out right away and you get to that natural childbirth quickly 🙂

    romancingthestone, Thanks! I am going to do a post about our meetup in the next few days. Excited to meet you and the other ladies!

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