Daily Archives: October 9, 2009

He Says… A near slip

Being the planners that we are, Kate and I both, in thinking (hoping) that our efforts to conceive had worked this month, had gone through all the great opportunities to tell our friends and family.  Like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we talked about how pregnant she’d be at friends’ weddings this spring.  Basically we discussed all the stuff you really aren’t supposed to discuss until the deal is sealed.

We had a grand plan for this week, since we had gotten our hopes up that we would get a positive test by Tuesday.  My parents were coming over for dinner on Wednesday and we though how great it would be to tell them.  Obviously “normal” protocol is to wait 8-12 weeks of pregnancy before telling friends and family, but personally I think that is kind of silly sometimes (and we clearly are being completely forthcoming with our blog…although only a small handful of friends and family know about it).  I think our parents would want to know from the start, and I spent the better part of the week leading up to dinner thinking about how we’d tell them and how they’d react.

Now obviously this did not go as planned, and Kate and I are both fine with this and realize we pretty much just started trying for real.  My parents DID come to dinner Wednesday and it was great to see them.  Kate made a great Indian feast (she has become quite the Indian chef recently) and we had a bottle of wine and it was very nice.  I am sure it was all in my head, but now that we are trying to have a baby I keep assuming that certain friends and family are expecting us to have a big announcement any time we are with them.  In fact, when I poured Kate a glass of wine, I sort of pictured my parents being somewhat disappointed, as this was a sign that she was not pregnant (not that they even know we are trying).  I think I am just being crazy.

And then after they left Kate and I both commented that we almost blurted out “We’re pregnant!” in the middle of dinner.  Like a crazy person.  It’s like having that fear that you are going to say something you aren’t supposed to say (I often have that fear around family).  We both felt that way, strangely, but fortunately we both kept this (inaccurate) statement inside during dinner.

I feel confident that soon we’ll have good news to share with people close to us (and our readers, of course).