She Says… Movin’ on Up

First things first… we’re doing fine. Thank you all so much for your support and comments yesterday. It was disappointing to hear the news that I was not pregnant, but in some small way it was a relief. At least now I can stop obsessing! As if out of spite, yesterday my temperature spiked to 98.4. If I hadn’t just had the negative blood test, I would have been SURE that was a sign that I was preggo. So much for temps being a reliable indicator (at least mine!).

I drowned my sorrows in a few beers and some deliciously cheesy Mexican food, which helped 🙂 And now it’s time to move on. Onwards and upwards, I say. I am so thankful and happy that I ovulated last month on the lowest dosage of Clomid. It seems like that little bit of medicine was just the jolt my body needed to get back in working order. Ovulating is half the battle, right? So I feel confident that now it’s just a matter of time before we make a baby.

Even though we don’t know exactly what the bleeding was that I experienced about a week ago, I also feel like that was a good sign. It’s at least an indicator that something is going on in there that wasn’t going on before.

So now I wait again. Wait for my period.  I’ve been waiting for my period since March when I went off birth control, so I’m getting a little impatient. The nurse at Boston IVF assures me that I’ll get it this time, though, since I ovulated. Well, we assume I ovulated based on the positive OPK I got. If I don’t get it in a few days, I’ll call her back and see what she suggests. But in the meantime: Get it together, body! It’s time to start a new cycle so we can try again!


18 responses to “She Says… Movin’ on Up

  1. I hope you had a margarita with that feast!! I almost wonder if – now that the hype of the first month is over – your body can now relax and do what its supposed to do. It’s strange how the physical parts of our bodies feed off of the emotional and mental.

  2. Good luck, hang in there and stay positive. The mind is a very powerful thing. “A postive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It’s a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.” Truly wish you both the best!

  3. Mmm that mexican food looks yummy. I’m sorry you didn’t get your positive this month, but since you did so well on the lowest dose of clomid, I’m sure it won’t be long.

  4. The important thing is that your body is getting back on track. It sounds like the Clomid did what it was supposed to do, and the Mexican food…well, that’s just good for the soul.

  5. Mmmmm… Mexican food. What good comfort food! 🙂

  6. Eat some sushi and have a sub piled high with lunch meats while you’re waiting!

  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better about things now. It’s always so disappointing when you feel so sure and then it doesn’t happen. But you are right to be stoked that you ovulated, it is half the battle. I too hope that your body has been jolted back into working order. By the way, have you ever considered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) like acupuncture? It can do wonders for regulating cycles. I also found taking vitex was amazing for lengthening my cycles from 21 days to 26 or 27. And that was just in a couple of months.

    Strange to say this but I hope AF shows up soon!

  8. Mexican food and beer is THE CURE ALL!!
    Fingers crossed for period. That’s funny to say, but we both know getting our period is great in our situations.

  9. Sarah, Yes, I indulged in all its Mexican glory. Yum-o! You’re totally right — it’s possible (ok, likely…) that I was a bit too uptight about everything going according to plan last month. Maybe now that I know I ovulated I can relax a little, and my body will do what it’s supposed to. Here’s hoping!

    Traci, Thank you for that quote! So true. My optimism is inherent, so it’s hard to be any other way. But you are absolutely right — attitude is everything! Well, normal cycles help too, but I guess I’ll take what I can get.

    Low Fat Lady, Thanks! Yes, I’m pleased that the Clomid did what it was supposed to do. Now it’s only a matter of time.

    Karley, Damn right 🙂 Although I will admit I felt a little sick after eating it all… I’m not used ot eating like that. But it sure felt good going down.

    thebakerbee, Totally. I needed a little extra love, and that enchilada totally delivered.

    Kara, Yes! I am so looking forward to all of those things. We’ll need to stock up on wine and soft cheese for the next two weeks! Enjoy the little things, right?

    Esperanza, Thanks for your suggestions! I have recently been considering acupuncture. I am optimistically skeptical about holistic medicine, but it certainly can’t hurt, so I’m game. Have you tried acupuncture?

    Courtney F, I know, isn’t is strange to be wishing for your period!? I’ve never in my whole life wished for my period. But now I am. Go figure.

  10. Kate,
    I stumbled on your blog today. I am going through the same phase, trying to conceive and I understand exactly how it feels when you test negative. I am on my cvs opk this time, last 2 months passed in expectation, bfn and late periods. I am hoping the cvs opk should help this time.Hang in there- I am sure good news will follow next month for you and hubs.

  11. That food looks SO good.

    Here’s to next month!

  12. Don’t worry- in due time, things will happen, probably when you least expect it and it will have been worth the wait. As hard as that is to believe sometimes! 🙂 Keep at it, de- stress yourself and let your body catch up to your mind!

  13. What is it about food that makes everything better for that little moment. Way to stay positive!

  14. Ramya, Hi! Good luck with the OPK’s this month. Hopefully they will help you figure out exactly when you need to be doing what you need to do 🙂 Good to know others are going through the same things! (Although, obviously I wish we all could just snap our fingers and get pregnant…)

    Josie, I know, yay for Mexican food, eh? It certainly hit the spot the other night. Although I must say, I don’t think I’ll be eating that much cheese again for awhile!

    Cathy P, Thank you! It certainly will be worth the wait whenever it happens. At least I know I will never be in a situation of having a child I didn’t plan for! Good advice all around.

    MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt, I know, it’s not a great habit to feed emotional cravings with food, but for one night, it didn’t hurt a bit. Thank you!

  15. you’ve got such a great attitude! i have been trying “on my own” now for about a year…have been putting off the fertility treatments b/c my insurance doesn’t cover it. will be starting clomid soon so i’ve found your experiences helpful!

  16. Hi, Im so happy that I read your blog. We are starting this whole process tomorrow and Im so excited but scared at the same time and reading your blog made me feel better. I have a friend that was on Clomid for 3 months and she got pregnant on her 4th cycle of Clomid so hang in there you will pregnant soon!

  17. Lynn, Thank you! How frustrating that some insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatment. It is certainly a medical issue, if you ask me! Obviously I understand the other side of the argument, too, but it puts those of us whose bodies are not cooperating in a tough spot. I’m glad I could help by sharing what we’ve been through so far — good luck to you!

    Zuly, Thanks 🙂 It IS a scary process, but the prize at the end will make it all worthwhile. I am so happy to hear about your friend who got pregnant after a few cycles of Clomid. Keeps hope alive!

  18. Can I just say how good that food looks right now? I can’t really focus on anything else except that.

    I will say that I’m glad you seem to be doing well and moving to the next step. 🙂

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