He Says… No News

I was up with Kate at 6am for pregnancy test #4.  Again, a negative.  I think we were both expecting that.  Now she is off at Boston IVF getting her blood pregnancy test, which, at this point, I think we are expecting to be negative.  Although, I guess it is conceivable that today or tomorrow would be the first day a positive would show up, and the blood test is supposed to be way more accurate, so we’ll see.

I know we are both disappointed, because it did feel like we did everything right, timing-wise, this month.  When she got the positive on her OPK it felt like such a relief, and now I feel like we have to start all over again, and wait…and hope.  Sigh.  I guess, realistically this is sort of month number 1 of us trying, with any real possibility of conceiving since we now know (or think) that Kate is ovulating again.  So a few tries (or more) is normal.  But, since we did think we were trying back in March (even though it was like target practice with no target), it feels like we have been at this for a while.

Fortunately we are (usually) optimistic people so whatever happens we will keep going.

(I do wonder, though, what we will keep blogging about during the next month, and hope that people keep reading…)

10 responses to “He Says… No News

  1. We’ll keep reading, don’t worry! 🙂

    In the meantime, have fun trying! And, I’m only saying this from personal experience…try to forget that you are trying to make a baby when , you know, you guys are….”doing it”. Sometimes just forgetting everything for awhile and focusig on each other takes the stress of it all away. My husband tells everyone that “baby-making sex is boring”. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry you got another negative. You really did have so many great signs! That is the thing with TTC, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to this journey. I hope so badly the beta test surprises you with good news.

    And of course we’ll keep reading. You’ll find something to say. 😉

  3. hello. I just came across your blog. I’m sorry about the negative news, but really appreciate your positive attitudes. I look forward to reading more about your story.

  4. We will keep reading! There are a lot of us going through the same thing and we will all check back to support your journey! Good luck and stay optimistic! It will happen when the time is right. 🙂

  5. I’m sorry to hear that – but you’re right, it could just be a little bit too early, I guess we have to wait and see…. fingers crossed!

  6. I will keep reading! I have faith that this will work out, and remember this was only the first month. 😀

  7. Oh, we will definitely keep reading!

  8. Thanks for all the support. Still waiting to hear back from Boston IVF. We will fill you in promptly.

    And thanks for being supportive readers. We will keep writing and hope to make this a useful (and enjoyable) blog to visit.

  9. Hey, I’m going through the swings right now as well. We have done everything to the letter, text book perfect preparation. Now the waiting…who knew that someday I would actually get excited when I felt nauseated! You are not alone, we all are here for you both and will keep reading because your worries are ours. Take care and be extra kind to yourself.

  10. We will keep reading! I am happy you are and optimist and that Kate has that as her support. As you said, even when ovulating there is such a small percentage chance of getting pregnant in month one. You have to figure that means more chance next month…at least that is what I tell myself. Hope you and Kate are getting through this difficutlt day okay, last week I found the day I found out very depressing, but by the next day I seemed to bounce right back, like okay here we go again!

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