She Says… Nope

I didn’t see two lines this morning either, folks.

Still feeling positive, though. When I talked to the nurse at my RE’s office last Friday, she told me not even to bother testing at home because the tests aren’t generally as sensitive as they advertise. She said if I absolutely couldn’t help myself (which, let’s face it, who can?), I should absolutely wait until the day my period is due, and not test earlier than that. Ummm, ooops? I couldn’t wait that long. My period isn’t due until Monday or Tuesday. So yesterday and today’s negative tests really haven’t discouraged me at all because I trust that the nurse knows what she’s talking about, and that I very well may still be pregnant, but the darn tests aren’t sensitive enough. That’s what I’m going to believe right up until Tuesday’s quantitative hCG blood test. If that’s negative, I will finally believe I’m not pregnant. And then we’ll start again.

I’m hesitant to even say (type?) the words, but I really still feel like it’s going to be positive. The bleeding I experienced about a week ago is the biggest indicator that there’s at least SOMETHING going on in there, which is a lot more than I can say for any previous cycle. We had sex for 6 days straight to cover the ovulation time, so I’m fairly certain we got the timing right. There’s really nothing more we can do. But wait.

Sorry for dragging this out so long… I hope I’m not leading you all on unecessarily!

6 responses to “She Says… Nope

  1. good luck! like you, i would be over the moon if i had implantation bleeding. any sign of pregnancy, and i’ll take it. i’ve been following along and will continue to. fingers crossed!

  2. I think remaining positive is the BEST thing you can do! You don’t need to apologize at all! 🙂 **Keeping you two in my thoughts**

  3. I love that you are staying so positive, either way that attitude will be the best you can do for yourself!

  4. You’re right to not be discouraged by the early tests. I’ve tested early and also been totally unphased by them. I think we do it because, hey, if you do end up getting a + great! If not, you can still have hope, just as much as you had before the test. So I think your right on with all of that.

    I’m almost on the same DPO as you. My period is due Wednesday, and since I’m not testing right now I have no idea how things are going, cycle wise. All I do know is that my boobs are incredibly sore. They’ve never been this sore before, not even the last time I got a +. I hope its a good sign (especially since if it’s not, that means I just had really sore boobs for no reason this entire 2WW and I will not appreciate that at all!) Anyway, I’m feeling your pain right now, waiting until Tuesday for your definitive answer is the worst. Good luck and baby dust (and sticky bean cement)!

  5. babybaker, Thank you! Yes, I feel like the bleeding has GOT to mean something. Something good, I hope!

    Colleen, Thank you! I think the positivity can only help, right?

    MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt, I’m trying! As I said, I’ll be super positive until Tuesday. And then I’m allowed to be sad if it’s negative for real.

    Esperanza, Thank you for the support! It’s an exciting time for you too then. I hope you get your positive on Wednesday. Sore boobs are usually a dead giveaway (or so I’ve read!), so that’s a good sign. Hang in there, the last few days are KILLER 🙂

  6. I hope that it’s the real deal and you will get that positive! The waiting is excruciating!!! 2 weeks can seem like 10 years in TTC land.

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