Daily Archives: September 29, 2009

She Says… All Good Things


Guess who stopped seeing red? Me.

Guess who has felt really full and bloated and had lower back pain for the last two days? Yeah, me.

Guess who is not doing a very good job of not getting her hopes up about being preggo? That’s right… me.

So, the bleeding has 99% stopped, which is a really, really good sign. It only lasted a day, but it certainly felt like an eternity. With every moment that passes, I am more and more convinced that it was implantation/breakthrough bleeding, which, of course, means that right now, as I type, I could have a little tiny bunch of cells burrowed into my uterine lining, multiplying and connecting to make a human life.

I just have to keep reality checking myself: there’s still only a 20% chance that we actually conceived. Can I just take a moment to say one thing? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but HOW ARE BABIES EVER MADE BY ACCIDENT?! Seriously. A 26 year old woman has only a 20% chance of conceiving each month, even when she knows when she’s ovulating. How does that ever happen without planning for it?

As it is, I’m experiencing lots of good signs that point toward pregnancy. But I still have to wait to take a pregnancy test. Today is 8 days past ovulation (dpo). I’m fairly certain the bleeding that I experienced was implantation bleeding at 7 dpo. The earliest I’ve read that one should take a home pregnancy test is 10 dpo. TWO MORE DAYS. I did a little research about the most sensitive home pregnancy tests (found this list to be the most comprehensive), and tonight I stopped at CVS and splurged on the slightly more expensive First Response Early Result test. Even though technically I guess I could have enough hCG for a positive on Friday, I’m going to wait until Saturday to test, or else I’ll go broke buying (and wasting) pregnancy tests!

Ok, enough obsessing. I can’t think about it anymore. My hopes are hopelessly high.