She Says… Seeing Red

Update since this morning: The “pink tinge” has morphed into full-fledged, bright red blood. Not a flow, exactly, but watery red droplets into the toilet when I pee, which makes me nervous, since I have read online that most implantation bleeding is brown and almost not noticeable.

I called Dr. P’s office, convinced that I was having a chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage (thanks, Dr. Google). Or my period, which is almost just as bad. The nurse told me to relax. She said she had seen plenty of women who experienced period-like bleeding at this point in their cycle and they were still very much pregnant. She said it’s possible the bleeding will turn into a period flow, but most likely (considering it is a week early for my period and exactly on time for implantation bleeding and/or breakthrough bleeding) it is nothing to worry about, and might even be a sign of implantation.

I feel crampy and very emotional (which is no wonder, since I just wrote the word “miscarriage”… this is all very scary). While I am relieved by the conversation with the nurse at Dr. P’s office, I am still worried about what’s going on in there.

Unfortunately, as always, only time will tell!


14 responses to “She Says… Seeing Red

  1. While I don’t want to get your hopes up, I will say that I totally thought I was starting my period. I used tampons and everything, even though I was a week early from when my period was supposed to start. I just thought I was early! It never occurred to me that I was pregnant, but I was (an am). Can’t wait until you find out for sure!

  2. I am hooked on your updates like it is a good book, but this is your real life so add in some serious emotion. You have been through so many months and I am just hoping this is the good news!

  3. Grrrrrr!! Waiting sucks! But if it makes you feel any better…I think we are all waiting right with you! 🙂

  4. Tabitha, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much better that made me feel. I know everyone is different, and what happened with you might not happen with me, but honestly, just to know that others have had this, ummm, level of bleeding, is really, really encouraging!

    MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt, I know, I am generally a very level-headed, logical, rational person. But I think the culmination of FINALLY figuring out what’s wrong with me, and FINALLY ovulating, and FINALLY being in a real two week wait is making me a little crazy! I feel scared and nervous and anxious and excited… the emotions are all there. I hope I can chalk them all up to being preggo soon 🙂

    Nikol, Thank you! It DOES help to know that! This blog is a lifesaver. Otherwise I would just about pop with all of these questions and thoughts!

  5. I just went through the same thing, but I had a huge flow the next day, not watery, so it was a BFN for me. I did read that most implantation bleeding is pink to red, NOT brown, though, so I’m keepin’ my fingers crossed that this is the real deal for ya’ll!

  6. Wow. I just read through your about me and am so intersted in your story. I found you through a comment on catlins page and am excited to follow your story.

  7. iamstacey, I’m sorry to hear that. Hang in there.

    Natalie, Hi and thank you! Apologies that the first post you read was so… graphic 🙂 I’m not always like this!

  8. Hugs to you Kate! This is such an emotional rollercoaster! And I hate to tell you, but if you are pregnant, it only gets worse! You will worry yourself to death that every little thing is a bad sign! It’s just part of being a mom…it never ends!!

    I am praying this is implantation bleeding for you, it certainly doesn’t sound like your period… 🙂

  9. You don’t know me but I came across your blog, my implant bleeding was red too. I thought I was just spotting before my period because that is what I’d done for the previous 6 months. Then a few days later I cried at an episode of House & I’m not a crier, so I took a test & it was positive.

  10. Unfortunately, like you said, only time will tell. I know it’s impossible, but it’s probably best not to think to much of anything because the reality is you never do know what will happen. I had a lot of strange bleeding (after I got my +) and even though everyone told me it was probably okay, it wasn’t for me (I had an ectopic). I’m not trying to scare you, because for so many women it is okay, but you just never know until what happens happens. I never thought I’d have an ectopic (being on the shit side of 1% really makes you rethink things), it wasn’t even on my radar of worries and that is what happened to me. I’m not trying to say that bad things you can’t even dream of my happen, but there really is not telling until it’s been told. Good luck! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!

  11. We are in the same boat with small differences. I have been on hormone therapy for two years now as a lean PCOS with very low estrogen, high androgens. I seem to ovulate very late in my cycle but just took my second blood test to see if I really ovualte at all. I have an appointment with a fertility doctor in two weeks and believe they will put me on Clomid or Metformin or combo. My mother took Clomid after years and years of trying and got pregnant with me in the second month. I am praying for you both, and can hopefully celebrate your good news in the next few months.

  12. Amy, Thank you! I know, I’m really in for it if this is just the beginning 🙂 Although somehow I feel like if I just KNEW I was pregnant, I wouldn’t be worrying so much. At least not about this. It certainly doesn’t FEEL like my period, which is maybe why it’s still so scary to see blood at this point. Yuck. I hope I find out soon.

    Anonymous, Yay! That is so exciting! Thank you for commenting. I hope I get that positive soon. I’m trying not to test until Saturday morning in an effort to save myself some unnecessary sadness…

    Esperanza, I’m so sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. It has certainly crossed my mind that this bleeding is not just normal spotting, as it’s relatively heavy. But, as the nurse at my RE’s office told me, there’s not much I can do until my appointment next week. If it’s a miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy at this point, I can’t do anything to change that. But, my fingers are still crossed that it’s implantation/breakthrough bleeding! Thank you for sharing that info.

    Aly, It is such a vote of confidence to hear about people like your mother getting pregnant after Clomid. Hopefully it will do the same for you and me!

  13. Oh gosh, I just cried when I read this! But the nurses advice gave me hope. I’m going to err on the side of hope and keep praying for you guys!

    BTW, I’m a very emotional kind of person – so my crying isn’t a sign of creepiness, I can just *feel* your pain. Oh lawd, my husband is in for it when/if we have kids!

  14. Colleen, Thank you so much! That is so sweet. I appreciate the support.

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