She Says… Is This For Real?

Today is exactly 7 days past when I think I ovulated. And this morning I noticed a pink tinge on the toilet paper when I went to the bathroom. I thought I was imagining it. And just now, when I went again, it was still there. Most people who get their periods regularly probably wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the slightest hint of blood about a week before their period was due. But I haven’t seen anything even closely resembling pink down there since February (and the one day of withdrawal bleeding after the Provera Challenge). So this was a bit of a surprise.

Sorry for the details, but here’s the big question… could it be implantation bleeding? Have any of you ladies experienced implantation bleeding? One would not get implantation bleeding if the egg wasn’t implanting, right? So, am I crazy to take this as a cautiously optimistic sign of impending pregnancy?!

I’ve read that implantation bleeding can take place anywhere from 6-10 days past ovulation. So my timing, if this really is implantation bleeding, would be textbook perfect. Nothing about me has been textbook so far, though, so I’m hesitant to get excited at this point.

Thoughts? Comments? Personal experiences?


6 responses to “She Says… Is This For Real?

  1. I had implantation bleeding! Mine happened the day before my expected period, which is a little late compared to what I have read. I have always read the same as you…6-10 days post ovulation. Mine was brown discharge, but I hear the it can be anywhere from brown to pink to almost a light period. If it goes away by tomorrow or maybe even the following day, or if it doesn’t turn to a normal bright red flow, there is a good chance!! 🙂

    With me, I went to the bathroom, saw the brown, thought for sure it was my period so I put in a tampon. When I changed my tampon, there was still brown, but no red, and usually it would progress to red or have SOME red if my period was coming. By the next time I went to change my tampon, there was nothing. And then nothing the next morning, and nothing the following morning. That’s when I knew.

    I am so excited! I hope this is it for you!!!

  2. Oooohhh… good luck! I have heard a lot of women that got implantation bleeding, but also a lot that didn’t. I guess if it doesn’t get any heavier, or only lasts a couple of days, you’ll know more. It is so hard to be patient, and so hard not knowing what is going on in your body! I can’t wait to hear how everything turns out for you!

    I am somewhere between 10-14 DPO and my boobs have been super sore for the last week. This used to happen for about a week before my period, but then stopped when I stopped ovulating several months ago. This is the cycle where I took progesterone, so I don’t know if they are ultra sore because I am about to start my period, or because I might be preggers. One test already came out negative, so I think I will probably get my period in a couple of days, but it is still frustrating not knowing what is going on in there!

  3. While implantation bleeding is more the exception than the rule (so women who don’t see it shouldn’t worry), it does happen for about 20% of pregnant women. I had it at 7dpo and 8dpo with my July pregnancy, it was a tiny red pinprick once each day after wiping. But the pink tinge is pretty common too, it’s a great sign. The blastocyst should implant in that 6-12dpo window, but the healthiest blasts usually implant in the 6-9dpo window. Lookin’ promising! Good luck!

  4. This is awesome news! I think it’s a very, very good sign.

    Don’t sweat the 5K, you’re taking care of and respecting your body–and that’s better for you than banking a run.

  5. That’s the first thing I thought as soon as you said “pink”. I am totally crossing my fingers and thinking good implantation thoughts for you guys!

  6. Nikol, Thank you! That is so helpful to hear how it was for you. I’ll see what happens in the next day — I hope it disappears and I can confidently call it implantation bleeding.

    thebakerbee, I feel your pain! Hopefully those sore boobs mean pregnancy. Keep me posted!

    NoodleGirl, Thank you for that information! Hopefully the pink tinge means what I want it to. Healthy little blastocyst!

    LizardRuns, Thank you! I hope so! I feel confident that not running the 5K was the right decision. And I’m thinking my workout planned for today might not happen either. I feel all crampy and am a little anxious about this bleeding going on. I think I will need to let myself off the hook until the 6th and I have some answers!

    Angie All The Way, Thank you! I hope, I hope, I hope that’s it.

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