She Says… What now?

Thank you all SO MUCH for your encouragement, support and advice over the past few days. Who knew this babymaking thing could be so complicated?!

Here’s a recap on where we stand:

  • First round of Clomid (50mg) started on September 9th (if I had a cycle, that would have been on cycle day 3… since I don’t have a cycle, it was the day I got the drugs in the mail!)
  • Started using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) on September 16th (pseudo cycle day 10)
  • I got clear negatives the first few days, and then got somewhat confusing almost-positives on September 19th & 20th
  • Then I got the real deal — definitely positive on September 21st (pseudo cycle day 15)
  • My willing husband and I “bumped it”, as he jokingly says, every night from September 18th to the 23rd (ok, I guess you all know that the last one was in the afternoon by necessity)
  • Then Benjamin left for NYC for work and won’t be back until Saturday night

If the OPK reading was correct, we totally nailed it in terms of timing. In addition to the OPK, I definitely had some physical symptoms that indicate that ovulation occurred on the 21st, including the elusive mittelschmerz (which sounds to me like some sort of Yiddish insult… but is really the term for “middle pain” or cramping from ovulation). Not so comfy. Literally haven’t felt that in, umm, a least a decade… possibly ever! One can never be sure what was going on inside my body pre-birth control. There were a few other symptoms as well, but, in an effort to maintain some sort of personal boundaries, I won’t discuss the details of my cervical mucus on the blog. Ooops, I guess I just did.

So, one would imagine that I’m feeling pretty good right now. Except that I’m not. I’m nervous. And impatient. See, my trusty guide through this process, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, tells me that my temperature should shoot up 12-36 hours after ovulation. The author says a couple trying to conceive should have sex up to and including the morning of the temp shift. If I ovulated on the 21st, then my temp should have shifted this morning. And it didnt. Well, it did a TINY bit (for instance, my normal temps are usually between 97.6 and 98.0 and this morning was 98.2). I was expecting a more dramatic shift. I’ve literally been taking my temperature all day long (and before you respond to this post saying “your temp will shift throughout the day”, “you’re supposed to take it the same time very morning”, blah blah… I know. It’s not rational. But I can’t stop.). So now I’m beginning to doubt my mittelschmerz and the OPK and all the signs that pointed to ovulation a few days ago.

And the real bummer of it all is that I won’t be able to confirm or deny any of these things until October 6th. I have an appointment at Dr. P’s office for a pregnancy test. DID YOU HEAR ME?! MY VERY FIRST PREGNANCY TEST THAT COULD BE POSITIVE! Could someone please fast forward to then? Please?

Anyone out there in the blogosphere have experience with temp charting after ovulation? How much does it really go up? Is it possible that it won’t go up, but I still ovulated? How’s a girl to know?


21 responses to “She Says… What now?

  1. I think, unfortunately as is everything with this whole pregnancy thing, that everybody is different. I started using They have free temperature charting and you put in all your symptoms and stuff and it basically stores all the info for you. I am trying out progesterone right now, and I think (hopefully) that I ovulated on day 19… my temperature dipped that day and then rose about 1/2 a degree the next day. Again, though, different for everybody.
    Good luck being patient!

  2. I agree with the above, I know LOTS of people TTC’, and they use Fertility friend to track, and usually the temps jumps are not that dramatic and more by tenths of degrees rather than degrees! Don’t count yourself out yet, this is just beginning!! Good Luck!!

  3. Just wanted to throw in my experience with temping:

    Before ovulation, my temp would be in the 97.2-97.8 range. After ovulation it would consistently be above 97.8, mostly in the lower 98.0’s. The day I would start my period, my temp would start to drop, but the month I got pregnant, it never dropped, it just kept creeping up…98.2, 98.3, 98.5, 98.7…that’s how I knew I was pregnant. Well, that and I had some implantation spotting for one day, the day before my period was due, and then it just stopped. And my period never came.

    Hope this helps! It is true that everyone is different, but I know that I liked to hear everyone’s experiences when I was going through it. 🙂

    Fingers crossed!

  4. I don’t have an answer to your question since I never really charted, but I know the feeling of waiting and seeing and it can be pretty painful. 🙂 I hope the next week goes quickly for you!

  5. I have no idea with the temping, but good luck. The waiting is killer, but you will make it. I didn’t have that sort of cramping during ovulation among other symptoms. So I’m not sure if mine will be positive or not. I’m trying to keep my spirits up and will continue to send good thoughts your way.

  6. I couldn’t remember, so I just went back and looked at my charts. I charted for 3 cycles, and the first 2 I had a pretty big temp jump (like .6 degrees) after ovulation. But the 3rd, the cycle I got pregnant (I’m 15 weeks now!), it was about a .16 degree rise. Then it went up more the next day…and actually went back down the next day. It was a totally wonky-looking chart, but it worked!
    Oh, and I had the ovulation pain every month too. It hurt. A lot. I don’t remember having that before I went on the pill (but it’s been 10+ years for me, too)
    So yes, everyone’s different, and your own charts might look different month-to-month. Fingers crossed for you!

  7. I don’t think the amount of the temp jump is as important as the fact that you stay above coverline (the horizontal line dividing pre-O temps from the LP) for 3 straight days. As long as your temp stays above 98.0 for 3 straight days, I think you timed it right.

    Plus, like pp, I live by fertility friend — they’ll select your coverline and O day for you based on your temps, even in the free version. So much less guess work involved.


  8. thebakerbee, your dip/rise pattern sounds very textbook — congrats! looks like a great way for me to see my temps in chart form. My copy of TCOYF came with a CD of a computer program that does it too, but you have to pay for it, and I figured that since I wasn’t ovulating, it wasn’t worth the $$$. I didn’t realize there was a free one online! Tonight I will grab my chart and see what I can see by plotting it all out.

    Amy, Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to hear. I WAS counting myself out. And the fact is, no amount of Googling is going to get me the answer. Time will tell!

    Nikol, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know I said it on your blog too, but I am so thrilled for you. I hope to have my own very good news to share soon too. I appreciate hearing about your temps — it is good to see that they align pretty much with mine, so that makes me feel more confident.

    Tabitha, Thanks! Yes, the two week wait SUCKS. 🙂 But of course it will all be forgotten if the news is good on October 6th…

    Sue, Thank you, thank you, thank you. That is so awesome to hear. Hopefully my verrrrrrrry gradual shift will be enough! At least I know there’s still a chance. And congratulations to you!

    Low Fat Lady, Chin up! All I’ve learned so far is that we really have NO IDEA what’s going on inside our bodies. Sad but true. This could definitely still be the month for you — only a few more days left!

    Noodle Girl, Good point! I will keep checking to see if I stay above 98.0. And tomorrow I have a date with fertility friend to enter in my data. Less guesswork is EXACTLY what I need!

  9. So, I’m not at all qualified to respond since I’m not ovulating (grr), but I wanted to weigh in just b/c I totally relate to how you’re feeling. Even tho I’m not ovulating, for the past four months I’ve constantly scanned my body for symptoms. Around the time I “should” have ovulated this month, I was certain I felt something going on inside. But the OPK never went + so my suspicions that it was all in my head = pretty much official. I’m heading to the endoc on Oct 5 and am hoping I can get some good news on the eve of your BFP on Oct 6. 🙂 Don’t stress about the physical symptoms, b/c who knows, right? You DID ovulate, you DID the deed at the perfect time…and that’s all you can do!!

  10. I have never been good at taking my temp. I just never remembered. I hope it means nothing and that your opk was correct. I hope your 2ww goes fast and that you get a BFP!!

  11. LizardRuns, I know the feeling of not ovulating like all the other girls! Unfortunately I also know the feeling of making up symptoms and totally convincing yourself they are true. It sucks. Especially when you really can’t tell the difference between real and make-believe. You feel like an idiot, no? Well… don’t. You’re in good company. Thanks for the vote of confidence — good luck at your RE appointment! It gets better from here, promise 🙂

    Baby Hungry, Thanks! Me too! I always remembered, but apparently that didn’t do me much good if the temps aren’t telling me anything. Humph.

  12. I took my temp for the first 12 months of TTC. I always ovulvated but never had a big jump in temp either. Even after getting an HCG shot (which triggers ovulation in 36 hours) my temp wouldn’t rise for a few days after. I don’t temp at all anymore because my body temp doesn’t jump enough to show that I clearly ovulated even though I did. I bet that .2 degree increase was ovulation. Good Luck I hope this is your month.

  13. Awwww, many prayers and thoughts for you! I pray these next two weeks go by supah-fast!

  14. romancingthestone

    Hey kate! Sounds like you are doing everything right. just hang in there! Good thing you git a little bump every day of your peak. My Doc says to go every other day, which is a real bummer for a newlywed like myself : ). If you are curious about if you ovulated or not, you can always get a blood test to confirm. best of luck guys!!!! Michele

  15. I hope the next week flies by for you! I know this sounds crazy but I can’t WAIT either for the results on October 6th!!

  16. Jessica, Good to hear that you didn’t have a big temp shift either. And that it took a few days. As usual, I think I’m being impatient. Well, that and the fact that I hate not being perfect. This little foray into infertility-land has been a constant reminder that I can’t expect perfection of myself all of the time!

    Colleen, Thank you! Me too.

    romancingthestone, Yes, after Benjamin’s semen analysis, the doc said no restrictions on how often we “bump”, so every night it was! It was fun this time around (apparently babymaking turns me on?), but I can see how it could get… umm… tiresome.

    Nabeela, That is so sweet! Thank you! I can’t wait until this blog can turn into a pregnancy blog. And then a baby blog. 😀

  17. Kate, I’m thinking good implantation and positive thoughts for you guys. I would be driving myself mad just the same 😉

  18. I don’t temp…so I can’t offer much advice, but I will offer you my best wishes and fingers crossed for success 🙂

  19. Trying to catch and then be sure of ovulation is probably the worst part of TTC, maybe even worse than the 2WW. I too was just in that boat, but I think I ovulated and caught it right on time too. My temps usually go up about .4 degrees when I ovulate, from the low half of the 97s t the low half of the 98s. But I concur with pp, everyone has their own pattern, and the fact that your body hasn’t done this in a while… who knows what its going to do. The thing is, you can’t do anything about it if it didn’t happen, so try not to stress too much.

    Good luck! Try to distract yourself during the 2WW. I’m sending lots of baby dust your way!

  20. Your post “we nailed it in terms of timing” just cracked up my perverted self – ya’ll “nailed” getting “nailed”! 🙂 heehee

    I know nothing about temping, but it does sound like you did everything right! I hope this is your lucky cycle!

  21. Angie All The Way, Thank you! I was in yoga yesterday and actually thought to myself, “I wonder if there are certain yoga poses that assist implantation”. Ahh! I’m obsessed!

    APlusB, Thank you

    Esperanza, I totally agree! It’s all so… nebulous. It is pretty amazing how, even though women have been ovulating since the beginning of time, there’s still no easy way to identify it.

    iamstacey, Ha! No pun intended?

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