He Says… Missed Opportunities?

I am a little stressed out right now.  Today I have to go to NYC for 3 days for a job.  And despite the fact that we have done everything we can with 6 consecutive days of “trying to conceive” and the fact that her ovulation predictor kit seemed to indicate that we are doing things at the right time, what if we are off by a day or two?  And I am not here!?!

I mean, there is really nothing I can do.  I suggested (jokingly), leaving a “specimen” for Kate (gross…I know).  So let’s say the Clomid worked but we do miss this opportunity because I am traveling.  That would suck!  And it just makes me nervous because I have a fairly irregular work schedule and usually have to travel for a couple days every few weeks.  And since we can’t really anticipate the best time for baby making yet, how do we deal with my schedule and the (more important) task at hand?  Unfortunately it is not practical to lose out on jobs that do require travel for the next few months, and Kate has her own work so she can’t come with me (usually).

That is my rant.  I am leaving this evening and we’ll “try” again before I go and keep our fingers crossed that things are timed perfectly.


11 responses to “He Says… Missed Opportunities?

  1. That is a very stressful situation. Worrying that you’ll miss out on your “opportunity”, especially during a medicated cycle must be nerve wracking. I hope that everything works out and you guys do get to time it perfectly. If Kate got a positive OPK (like it looks like you did) she should ovulate within 48 hours, so you should be okay. Having said that, I got a positive OPK yesterday and then was confused this morning when my temps hadn’t gone up at all. Nothing is ever as easy a it should be.

    Good luck and baby dust!

  2. My husband and I got pregnant on a day that, according to my calculations, was before my ovluation cycle was to start. Which showed me that even though you plan and plan and try to get the timing right, it’s not always a guarantee. So I say do what you can when you can and it will happen! 🙂

  3. I totally understand, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You guys are doing everything you can, and unless her OPKs are WAY off, you should have your bases covered. I got pregnant by, um, “trying” only once, 2-3 days before I ovulated, and I was sure we’d missed our chance that month. The boys can swim for a while.

  4. Just take a breath you guys will be fine, try not to worry it will all work out patience is the key and some errrrr fun wink wink.

  5. All you can do is try your hardest. An doing it for six consecutive days is definitely that. My husband went out of town the first month I was on clomid, but all worked out in the end because I needed a higher dose for anything to happen. Also remember, that sperm can stay alive up there for a couple of days so you may be just fine. Good luck and I know how stressful this can be.

  6. Thanks for everyone’s kind words. We are just keeping our fingers crossed, hoping our timing is good and that I have good swimmers. Fortunately we have the attitude of not trying to stop the rest of our lives through this process, which I think helps.

  7. blarg! that is super frustrating. too bad “but. i need to stay home and have sex with my wife!” doesn’t work as an excuse. hope things work out anyway. babies babies babies.

  8. Oh the stress of ttc. My husband wants to go on a hunting trip but we are afraid to have him go since it might be the weekend I am ovulating. I bet you guys will be fine though. It seems like you timed it right to me!

  9. I stumbled across your blog today and love it. Kate, you are basically my long lost twin in terms of post-pill symptoms and drama-dy. I’m 4 months into trying and after successfully passing the Provera Challenge but not cycling afterwards, my ob-gyn is sending me off to the endocrinologist. Patience is not one of my virtues (ha!) and I’m struggling with all of the waiting. It’s been totally great to read you guys!! I’m hoping my appt goes just as well as yours did and I get those fabulous pills (Clomid!) that make that darn OPK line turn +. And, I’m hoping this was your week! Keep writing!!

  10. Esperanza, Congrats on YOUR positive OPK! This temp thing is strange and confusing, eh? Keep us posted!

    Tabitha, That is great to hear! Benjamin and I certainly covered our bases prior to ovulation… it’s AFTER that I’m worried about now. You’re so right about timing, though. All this planning really means nothing in the end!

    Sue, Thank you. You’re totally right. We’re just anxious 🙂 Let’s hope those boys swim as far as they need to!

    Janette, Oh yes, we had our share of fun this week. Wink wink!

    Low Fat Lady, Thank you! Now we’re in the same boat… the dreaded 2ww.

    Haya, Ha! I know. Can he get a doctor to write a note for him? “Sorry, Benjamin can not leave town this week. He must stay home and have sex”. Awesome.

    Baby Hungry, It feels like all of a sudden I’ve become some crazy woman who won’t let her husband go anywhere. But really, it’s for BOTH of our sakes 🙂

    LizardRuns, It’s SO nice to hear from you! SO NICE to have internet twins going through the same shit. (Twins again! Have you read my post on wanting twins?!). Patience is certainly not one of my virtues either, so keep the humor coming until my two week wait is over! Good luck to you!

  11. Since I am work for myself, I did tell my “boss” that I needed to stay home to have sex but the CFO of my company (read: Kate) said I need to make money.

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