Daily Archives: September 23, 2009

He Says… Missed Opportunities?

I am a little stressed out right now.  Today I have to go to NYC for 3 days for a job.  And despite the fact that we have done everything we can with 6 consecutive days of “trying to conceive” and the fact that her ovulation predictor kit seemed to indicate that we are doing things at the right time, what if we are off by a day or two?  And I am not here!?!

I mean, there is really nothing I can do.  I suggested (jokingly), leaving a “specimen” for Kate (gross…I know).  So let’s say the Clomid worked but we do miss this opportunity because I am traveling.  That would suck!  And it just makes me nervous because I have a fairly irregular work schedule and usually have to travel for a couple days every few weeks.  And since we can’t really anticipate the best time for baby making yet, how do we deal with my schedule and the (more important) task at hand?  Unfortunately it is not practical to lose out on jobs that do require travel for the next few months, and Kate has her own work so she can’t come with me (usually).

That is my rant.  I am leaving this evening and we’ll “try” again before I go and keep our fingers crossed that things are timed perfectly.