She Says… Clomid: The Recap

emptypillsI just popped my last of 5 Clomid pills. I am happy to report that I haven’t had any of the horrendous side effects some other people did. I have taken the pill every night before bed, which I heard was the best way to avoid some of the potential dizziness and nausea. After I take it, I do feel a little woozy/sleepy, but since I’m already going to bed, it’s not a problem. Now we start the clock! I’ll start using an ovulation predictor kit on Wednesday, and I’m also still charting my temperatures every morning. Apparently between the two, we should know if I ovulate. The ovulation predictor kit will tell me when I’m ABOUT to ovulate (a.k.a. when it’s time to bump and grind), and the temperature shift should indicate that I just did (or that it is happening right then). Cross your fingers for me that the Clomid worked and ovulation occurs later this week!

I am generally a relentlessly realistic person. While I enjoy dreaming about the future, I’m very rational about what is and is not possible; sometimes to my more idealistic husband’s dismay 🙂  This time, however, I’m all unicorns and rainbows rose-colored glasses. I am REALLY positive about the Clomid working. And me ovulating. And the sperm finding the egg and all the magical stuff that needs to happen after that to make me pregnant. I know things haven’t gone according to plan up until now, but for some reason I just feel like everything is going to fall into place beautifully from now on. While my brain knows that it can often take several cycles to figure out the correct amount of Clomid needed to stimulate ovulation, and that even if I DO ovulate, AND we have sex at the right time, we STILL only have a 20% chance of conceiving; my heart is bursting with excitement and anticipation that it just.might.happen.this.week. I’ve already calculated out the potential due date if it works, and estimated how cute my belly will be for things like Christmas and friends’ weddings, etc. It’s hard not to.

Benjamin has been doing his best to be the rational one while my normally realistic brain is on a little vacay. But honestly? Between you and me? I am really, really, really optimistic.


18 responses to “She Says… Clomid: The Recap

  1. I really, really, really hope this works at the first try itself! 🙂
    I’m here cheering you on.

  2. That’s great. I love your attitude and of course it’s going to work!

  3. Being so positive can only help! I’m crossing my fingers for you both.

  4. Positivity is the way to go!! I remember when my sister was trying and was so cautious about being hopeful…it made me so sad. It wasn’t until she threw caution to the wind that it happened, and she’s been on cloud nine ever since!

    Keeping you two in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. I am very glad you didn’t have any side effects from the clomid. I hope it works for you! My fingers are crossed. I am feeling positive and optimistic as well, but I’m trying not to get my hopes too up just in case it doesn’t work.

  6. Wahoo! Wedding shout-out!

    Good luck! We are happily crossing our fingers for you and Benjamin!!!

  7. Good for you!! Good luck!

  8. Best of luck… I can’t wait to hear how it goes! Looks like Clomid might be in my near future too…

  9. Good luck! Good thoughts for good things!

  10. i am all about positive thinking!! i’ve got fingers and toes crossed for you. want to see a cute baby soon!!!

  11. Nabeela, Thanks! Me too. I would consider myself VERY lucky if I only had to do this once!

    Karley and Sarah R, Maybe it’s that I’m too naive to know any better, but I AM still feeling very positive about it all. You know what they say, stress can exacerbate problems like this… so I figure being overly optimistic isn’t the worst thing in the world.

    Colleen, I know what you mean about your sister being cautiously hopeful. Once you start to realize all of the millions of things that COULD go wrong when making a baby, it almost seems foolish to blindly think that it will turn out right. But I think if you’re overly cautious, it’s not really hopeful at all. I’m SO glad it worked out for her!

    Low Fat Lady, Thank you! You are soooooo close 🙂

    Erin, Thanks! I hope to be rocking a totally cute little baby bump on the big day next year.

    jownby, Cathy P and haya, Thank you for the support!

    thebakerbee, Don’t be scared… it may be just the ticket! At least that’s what I keep telling myself. It certainly beats sitting around and waiting, eh?

  12. Hi Kate and Benjamin,
    I found your blog today through Meghann. Since I am on the cusp of taking my first pregnancy test I related to a lot of the things you guys are talking about. My situation is a little different though…my husband and I are older (me 33 and him 37) so I fear that our ages will be the biggest obstacle to us getting pregnant. This is only month one of trying for us so only time will tell.

    One thing that caught my attention was the fact that you are concerned about your heart rate during pregnancy and keeping it under 140 bpm. I’m not sure that is a concern anymore. I have been doing a lot of research about this for my personal fitness during pregnancy since I also do some pretty intense activity (running, soccer, biking, etc). It seems to me like the feeling now-a-days is that you can keep working out at the same level that you did before you got pregnant, as long as you can still carry on a normal conversation (meaning that you are still getting enough oxygen to the baby). Have you come across this? I ask purely for interests sake since I too want to do the best for the baby and me during pregnancy and there is so much information out there that you never know when you might have missed something. Thanks and good luck!

  13. GOOD LUCK kate! the christmas comment about what you might look like is TOTALLY something i would be thinking about 🙂 i love that you had the courage to type it ‘out loud’.

    here’s to a happy egg + sperm meeting!

  14. Karen, Hi! Thanks for the info on working out. Yes, that is generally what I found too — that the recommendation to stay below 140bpm is slightly outdated, especially for those who have a high baseline level of fitness. As it turns out, my doctor said that my LH (luteinizing hormone) level indicated that it was NOT over-exercising that caused my period to stop. So he gave me the “all clear” to resume my activities as normal. However, I think the cardio break I took helped me to re-evaluate my fitness mentality, which had become a bit obsessive and unbalanced. I had been thinking I had to work out for hours on end, burning tons of calories, in order to maintain my weight loss. In reality, I have found that yoga and other low impact activities really challenge my body in a new way, and I’ve decided to stick with my more relaxed workout schedule. The bonus is that hopefully I’ll be able to maintain my current schedule long into my pregnancy!

    sarah, Ha! Thanks. Just keepin’ it real!

  15. Ahh, yes! I am still in the “must work out hard to maintain weight loss” mode too! I know that as I get further along it will be harder to keep up that level of fitness and have started considering other ways to stay fit during pregnancy…trying yoga is at the top of my list! And it’s good to hear that you have heard the same thing about exercise…there is so much conflicting information out there (about almost everything to do with pregnancy!) that sometimes I can totally drive myself bonkers trying to keep everything straight. I’ve decided the best thing for me will be to, first and foremost, listen to my body, with a “small” (haha) dose of googling thrown in. Now to just put that plan into action…step away from google…

  16. Hi Kate, I saw your blog through Meghann’s blog on Sept 11 (my daughter’s 2nd b-day) and I read your whole story!! I wanted to share with you my story of the whole – young (27 at the time), healthy, active and just off birth control. I also never get a period on my own after the world of birth control. We did provera withdrawal after provera withdrawal, countless tests, bloodwork, , sperm counts, until my diagnosis of PCOS(with my only symptom being cysts) Then it went to, clomid and OPKS & POAS….until we were preggers! It worked, after 4 months – we got pregnant. At the end of the 3rd month, with yet another negative pregnancy test, my doctor upped the dosage from 50-100 mg, and at the ultrasound we had two big eggies ready to drop. And bam, my doctor gave me the shot – told us to go home and get busy…and then we got our big fat positive!! She is perfectly healthy and happy and I honestly would do it all over again for her!!

    I exercised my entire pregnancy (i did wear a heart rate monitor) and I just kept it at a level where I was before and as I got bigger, I listened to my body and slowed down. I went into labor on Sept 7 and was at the gym on Sept 6th. So, you can totally exercise – just listen to your body (and doctor).

    I hope clomid is your answer this month!! But know that it may take more than 1 shot (lots of baby dancing) and don’t give up!! Just so you know, I went off birth control in August – just to see how my body would be – thinking I wouldn’t get a period until at least November and I got one – exactly 28 days after my last pill. They say pregnancy can re-set the hormones – I hope so – but if not, we’ll be back to clomid by early next year 🙂

    If you have any questions feel free to email me.

  17. wishing you the very best of luck and thanks for all the great info about your experience with Clomid – all very reassuring 🙂

  18. Karen, Believe me, I totally hear you on the obsessive Googling! I can’t get myself to stop either, even though I know most of the info I’m reading is incorrect or incomplete. And as for yoga, I would highly recommend it. It has been such a fantastic strength workout for me, and has helped me maintain balance throughout the ups and downs of babymaking.

    Joanna, Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story! It is so exciting to hear about people who got pregnant on Clomid, now that I am there. Your exercise level during pregnancy is also so inspiring. And congrats that your pregnancy “re-set” your cycles! Good luck this time around.

    AplusB, Thank you! You too 🙂

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