Daily Archives: September 11, 2009

She Says… WOW!

This blog started out as a way to share the exciting news when Benjamin and I got pregnant; I figured it would be a fun place for friends and family (and maybe a handful of others) to come and read about the undoubtedly crazy antics our family would have trying our best to live a happy, healthy, full life together. We had no idea, at that point, that we’d run into fertility issues long before that. Once we realized were were having trouble conceiving, the blog became a way for Benjamin and I to find some other people going through the same “Surprise! It’s not that easy to have a baby” experience. As I have mentioned before, I am completely obsessed with reading food blogs, and I saw a real opportunity for using the same avenue to find a supportive community to help me realize that it’s not THAT abnormal to struggle with infertility. So I got the husband on board and signed up for a WordPress account.

After attending the Healthy Living Summit, a conference for foodies in social media, I absolutely fell in love with the bloggers and the idea of making our blog bigger, stronger and better than it has been. Since then, I’ve come out of the anonymous abyss of the internet and started posting on others’ blogs, and have blog-hopped my way into so many other fabulous bloggers’ lives. Meghann, one of the fabulous bloggers who helped organize the Healthy Living Summit, just gave our blog the NICEST shout-out for “Follow Friday” (where you suggest new blogs for your readers to follow):

This Place is Now a Home – I may not be looking to start a family anytime soon, but Kate and her husband Benjamin are and they’re blogging about it . Kate and Benjamin are two health minded, active, well rounded individuals in their late 20s, in good health and have comfortable jobs that they love. Having a baby should be a walk in the park for these two, but unfortunately life does not always work out that way. After months of trying Kate discovered her ovaries were not ovulating on their own. Recently the couple said good bye to care free old fashion baby making and hello to fertility clinics, fancy drugs and hormone injecting foreplay. With a He Said/ She Said format this blog has a lot of real emotion to it that has you rooting for them every step of the way. Plus. I had the pleasure of meeting Kate in person at the Healthy Living Summit and I have to say she is just as awesome in real life as she is in the blog.

Since then, the number of hits this site has gotten has SKYROCKETED by several hundred. So, thank you Meghann! And… hello to all the new people! I hope you’ll come back and see us again soon 🙂


He Says… Standing By and Ready

So Kate’s all drugged up now.  She’s got her ovulation predictor kit at the ready, and I am standing by, waiting to go into action.  Hopefully all our “training” will pay off.  Unfortunately the next week or so is pretty crazy with several long work day trips, so if her little tester lights up I may be called in for a really early morning baby-making booty call.

Oh, and to all the naysayers who think I cannot give Kate a shot (not that I want to), I have experience giving shots to squirmy dogs growing up, so Kate should be easier.  (Although she does sometimes pass out when giving blood).  But hopefully we won’t have to go there.

That’s all to report.