She Says… It’s like Christmas!

Look what Santa the Fed-Ex man brought… CLOMID!


And, although I hope we won’t need it, injectible Ovidrel (more on this later). Check out the packaging for this bad boy. It has to be refrigerated upon receipt, and is only good for 30 days, so it comes in its own little cooler (styrofoam, yuck) with its own little ice packs.



And now it has found a new home nestled in our ‘fridge, right next to the hummus 🙂


Here’s the dealio. Since I am not ovulating I do not have set “cycle days”. I can essentially start a cycle whenever I want. And I wanna start NOW. So tonight I’m going to pop the first of five Clomid pills. That makes today Cycle Day 3. The timeline for the next two weeks looks like this:

  • Today (Cycle Day 3), start 5 days of Clomid pills. I’ll take one pill each night before bed to minimize yucky side effects like dizziness, nausea and drowsiness (and also hopefully avoid some of the other not-so-nice side effects mentioned here).
  • Next Wednesday (Cycle Day 10), I will start using an Ovulation Predictor Kit to figure out if the Clomid did its job.
  • If I haven’t ovulated by the following Monday (Cycle Day 15), I am supposed to call Dr. P’s office and schedule bloodwork and an ultrasound (just like I did here) for Tuesday, Cycle Day 16.
  • If the ultrasound shows that I have a healthy looking follicle at the ready, but it just hasn’t been triggered yet, Benjamin and I will be instructed to use the injectible Ovidrel at home. I say “Benjamin and I” because I do not think I will be able to stick myself with a needle. Benjamin’s going to have to do it. But we’re hoping we won’t have to do that.
  • In theory, the injectible stuff will force me to ovulate, so we’ll try try try to make a baby then.

So, one way or another, I’m feeling very optimistic about getting preggo by the end of the month! I daresay my hopes are too high, but that’s an issue for another post. For now, it’s pill popping time! Wahoo! Here we go…


11 responses to “She Says… It’s like Christmas!

  1. Good luck! I am so excited and hopeful for you guys!

    You think Benjamin is going to be able to give you a needle? Maybe Schnitzel can do it.

  2. woo hoo – good luck and congrats!

  3. I agree with Lisa. Hold Benjamin’s hand while Schnitz sticks you with the needle.

  4. very cool indeed! I’m constantly amazed at the advancements that they’ve made in this area. Here’s hoping it works (and that you don’t have to do any shots)!

  5. Is the ovidrel only good for 30 days? I thought it was longer. I will have to check my container. LOL at yours being right next to your hummus. I’m nervous about giving myself a shot too, but I guess I’ll get over it. I think my RE said I will have to use it no matter what. Good luck with the Clomid! I hope you don’t have any side effects.

  6. Lisa, Thank you! Yes, it is very exciting! As for Benjamin giving me a shot — he says he has given shots to the dogs before, which is more than I can say for myself. I guess I just have to shut my eyes and trust him…

    Lynn & thebakerbee, Thank you! Hopefully I’ll have good news to report soon!

    Erin, It’s tough for Schnitzel to push the medicine through the syringe without opposable thumbs… 🙂

    Tabitha, I know! It is amazing to me what they can know about my body after only a few tests, and all of the various ways to get pregnant (meds, IUI, IVF, etc.).

    Low Fat Lady, The pharmacist might have said that it’s good for 30 days out of the refrigerator, and longer if kept cold, but I’m not sure. The whole thing is so crazy — having a prefilled syringe in your ‘fridge! I guess I should hide it before Benjamin’s next poker night, lest people think we’ve become secret drug addicts!

  7. woooooo!
    i hope you get to the fun part soon 😉 fingers and toes crossed!

  8. haya, Thanks! ME TOO! (Although, disclaimer: all of the, ummm, training, has been fun so far)

  9. Sorry I am suddenly commenting-crazy on your wonderful blog! 🙂 Question: I’ve read that many women w/o cycles get put on Provera before beginning a Clomid regimen. Just curious what your RE said abt that (if anything). Also, I know you brought a long list of Qs for your 1st RE appt…wondering if you brought up the fact that you are an active woman and whether the doc was concerned that your exercise sked could have had anything to do with your lack of ovulation?

    (Background: I’m a marathoner and triathlete and used to do cardio 6x/week + light strength training, but since doing a 1/2 ironman back in July I’ve been CRAZY chill with my workouts, even taking up yoga & taking a few days off a week, in case that could’ve been part of my prob.)

  10. LizardRuns, No worries, I like it! If you want answers easier than posting back-and-forth, feel free to write me an email ( I’m happy to share! I did get put on Provera a month or two before trying Clomid. My doc called it “The Provera Challenge” — I think you can see my posts on it if you click on “Provera” on the right side of the screen in the tag cloud. Anyway, I was put on Provera to see if I would bleed. I kind of did. I had one day of period-like stuff, and then it was gone. But, my doc said that indicated that my body was capable of having a period (no blockage, etc.), so I guess that was helpful.

    As for the exercise question, I did a LOT of research on this, and talked to a lot of people. Long story short, exercise wasn’t causing my anovulation. The doc confirmed that with a hormone test… I believe he said that my LH level would have been much lower if I were over-exercising. Also, I think over-exercising messes with your estrogen levels… so when my hormone labs came back normal, he told me I could work out as much as I had been before (5-6 times/week relatively hard cardio, plus strength training). That said, once I took some time off from beating my body up, I found that I really enjoyed my new routine! So, even though I’ve gained a few pounds back, I’ve stuck with yoga a few days a week, one or two good cardio days at the gym, and long walks with my dog 🙂

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