She Says… 13 Again

I’m 26 years old… I thought I was done with acne.

During my adolescent years I was blessed with very clear skin. Sure, I got a pimple here and there, but nothing major. The last few months, however, have brought more blemishes than all of my middle school years combined. I’m guessing that it’s a result of the hormone roller coaster I’ve been on — on birth control, off birth control, on Provera (see?!), off Provera, etc. Unfortunately for me (and my husband, who has to look at me every day), I’m wearing my hormonal imbalance on my face. And we’re not talking tiny little pink marks here, folks; we’re talking gigantic, painful, under-the-skin, emerging-like-a-volcano kinds of pimples. Totally gross and surprisingly uncomfortable. Currently I am rocking a hard, bright red, cyst-like mound on my chin, and I can feel a new one surfacing inside my nose. Seriously. Inside my nose.

Normally I would head to the dermatologist about now for a prescription to tame these beasts. But, as I’m getting closer and closer to getting preggo (we hope!), I’m hesitant about pumping more chemicals into my body than I need to. So I guess I’ll just have to deal.

In other news, I FINALLY got the insurance company squared away, and my Clomid is en route to me right now. As soon as it arrives, we can get going! Maybe that will make me forget the little red volcanoes on my face…


5 responses to “She Says… 13 Again

  1. Good news on the Clomad being on its way – insurance companies can be the worst! And I feel your pain about the acne issues. I’ve had it so bad lately and even though I’ve moved into the 2nd trimester, it still hasn’t totally gone away!

  2. Oh girl, I feel your pain, that is soooo not fun…there are things you can use, just ask your doc, they should be able to recommend something. I hope it gets better!

  3. Tabitha and Amy, Thanks for your support! Yes, it is so frustrating to look in the mirror in the morning and see big red marks. Bleh. Tabitha, as you said, many women go through this during pregnancy, so I guess it’s another one of those “better get used to this” things!

  4. Hi Kate!
    I have been reading about your journey and am going through many of the same things…not fun, but so excellent to read all of your research and information. I am currently on round 3 of Clomid (my first two months were at 50 mg and this month we are trying 100 mg). My body is responding well to it, follicles growing away, so we plan to stick with Clomid for a while here before moving on to something else.

    I digress…regarding your post! I am experiencing the zit problem as well and I hate it! Right now I am calling myself cyclops as I have a huge, under-the-surface, painful red one right in the middle of my forehead. I’m trying my darnedest to blow-dry/style my bangs so they swoop over it. I think it is working ok as people aren’t staring at me at work. Ha!

    Best of luck as you continue down this journey. I look forward to reading along with you and hope I have good news to share with you at some point. Take care!

  5. kwally, Hi! Thanks so much for following along. It’s such a bummer to not have your body cooperate with your mind, huh? I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through the same issues that I am. Good luck with the higher dosage of Clomid! Ugh, I FEEL YOUR PAIN with the cyclops zit. Gosh, it’s really gross, isn’t it? I hope everything works out for you this cycle.

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