He Says… The Follow-Up

(I’m not going to start with “why I haven’t written in a while” excuses)

Tomorrow we go back to Boston IVF to meet with Dr. P for our follow-up on our tests.  Well, mostly Kate’s tests.  I mean, I assume my tests are normal.  But maybe not.  These past months of babymaking have pretty much indicated that my swimmers have not even had a chance to do their thing, so I just assume that they all work.  But, again, maybe not.  That would suck.

Yesterday I was telling a good friend about our follow up and he knew about “The Cup” and he asked me, would you would rather have no working sperm or have Kate have the fertility issue? I paused.  Not really a great answer for that, BUT, I did think that if my boys CAN’T swim, that that pretty much takes me out of the process of being a father (genetically speaking).  Right?  I mean, assuming Kate has eggs, there are so many things that can be done to insure that we are using them to make a baby.  Right?  So my thoughtful answer was that I’d rather the issues were with her, than me (of course, I hope and assume that there are no issues with either of us).  Does that make me a bad husband?  I would just like to feel genetically connected to my child, and would hate to find out that my only way to participate in that (spermies) didn’t work.  I mean I have taken all the precautions that I learned from episodes of Seinfeld, like wearing boxer shorts.

But we will find all of this out tomorrow.

As a side note, I would like to give my Jon and Kate + 8 update.  My Kate and I were very sad to watch them announce their separation a few months back.  Now the show is back on after a short hiatus, and we waited until 3 episodes were in our DVR before watching again.  And I think that may be the end of it for me.  It is pretty sad watching it now, and I am so fed up with the media frenzy around them that they have just become these kind of trashy tabloid celebrities.  The entire show is such a commercial now (watch for product placements followed by ads for that product) and all they do is get free stuff and go on free trips.  It was a really heartwarming show when it actually seemed like we were watching their real life.  Now there real life is hardly real.  Blah.  I am through with it…I think.

Oh, and a shout-out to all the Healthy Living Summit readers.  Kate really enjoyed meeting you all!


4 responses to “He Says… The Follow-Up

  1. I don’t think you’re a bad husband at all and I *think* you’re right as far as if your boys don’t swim you’re out of the race for a biological child, and of course you want a child that actually comes from you, that’s perfectly understandable, and I really hope y’all get good news tomorrow!

    And I completely agree about Jon and Kate too…I haven’t been able to watch since the hiatus…it’s just to sad all the way around…

  2. Hey Benjamin! I got to meet your lovely wife this past weekend and I must say this is such a cool topic to read about. It’s only natural that we all want to pass on our genes, it in no way makes you a bad husband. I look forward to hearing about the tests tomorrow!

    As for Jon and Kate…I so don’t want to watch the show but it keeps calling my name. The whole tone of the show has definitely changed. I only watch it to see the kids, they make me smile and laugh.

  3. Just started reading this blog the other day. Just wanted to wish both you and Kate the best of luck!

  4. romancingthestone

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you guys! Keep on writing! Michele

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