Daily Archives: July 22, 2009

She Says… A Jumble of Emotions

Our appointment with the infertility specialist is tomorrow morning. I’m feeling:

Hopeful that he will be able to identify why I am not ovulating/having my period and fix it, quick!
Anxious that maybe it won’t be that quick after all.
Intimidated by how much I don’t know about my body.
Prepared — I have a food log, temperature charts, hormone test results, important period-related dates for the last 5 months, and┬árelatively detailed medical history to take with me. Not to mention a list of questions a mile long!
Scared by the idea that we even have to set foot in a place with “IVF” in the name.
Frustrated that I couldn’t just have my period like a “normal” person after going off birth control.
Excited to get this whole thing over with and to get preggers!
Confident that I have made healthy choices thus far (even if my exercise schedule got a little too intense), and that as a young, healthy woman, there is a very good chance I’ll be able to conceive naturally very soon.

Wish us luck…