Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

She Says… Balancing Act

Phew! Last night was a busy one. I forced myself to go to the gym after a long, busy day at work (trying to get back into my normal routine after our long weekend vacay). We were out of milk, so I stopped at the grocery store to grab that and a few other things on my way home. My walk home from the grocery store, usually about 12 minutes, took almost 20 because I was weighed down by purse, gym bag and a gallon of milk (2%!). Once I got home I was greeted by our labradoodle, Schnitzel, wagging his tail because he knew he was about to get a walk. Normally Benjamin walks Schnitzel while I make dinner, but Benjamin was shooting in Connecticut last night, so I was doing double-duty. I threw the milk in the fridge and headed back out with the dog (or should I say, was practically dragged down the street while Schnitzel ran ahead of me like a sled-dog).

On our walk I remembered I had to pick up our weekly delivery of vegetables (we are doing a community supported agriculture program (CSA), which is when you partner with a local farm and pay them at the beginning of the season, and they give you a portion of their fresh, local produce once a week). Once I picked up the box, though, I realized how difficult it was to carry the cardboard box full of veggies (maybe 10 lbs.?) and walk the dog (who weighs about 3/4 as much as I do). I was twisting and cursing and grunting, and I even rushed the dog through doing his business because I was having trouble balancing the box and the leash and the bag of poop.

And it got me thinking — how will I ever walk the dog and carry a baby? Or walk the dog and drive (is that what you say? drive?) a stroller? And the led me to other things, like… How do you bring groceries in with a baby in a car seat? Do you leave them in the house and go back out to the car for groceries? Or do you leave them in the carseat while you run in and out of the house with grocery bags? My guess is that you figure these things out pretty quickly. Because you have to. It’s a balancing act, I’m sure.


P.S. For all of our adoring fans (ha!) who want to know what happened in Richmond… nothing happened 🙂  We had a lovely evening with our friends, and when we went to bed I re-took my temp. I knew the reading would be different since it was late at night, but I figured if it had dropped back down, that was a pretty clear sign that the spike was an aberration. That it was, my friends. 97.6.

No matter, I’m playing phone tag with the doc now to start on the drugs next steps.