He Says… She’s Hot!

I haven’t blogged in awhile (I seem to start many posts that way), and I am going to be keeping this brief, but if you read Kate’s post from today you will see that she is having a possibly important temperature “spike”, so despite the fact that we are visiting friends in Richmond, and sleeping in their bedroom, I am going to try to “take advantage of the situation”.

That is what a babymaking couple is to do, right?  Plus she just had a couple glasses of wine!


2 responses to “He Says… She’s Hot!

  1. Yall are too funny! But I remember doing the same thing when I saw my temps spike. (I actually had a 1 day spike, dip, then sustained spike pattern.)

    Picture having your mother-in-law stay the night on Valentine’s Day – what was she thinking?! Our apartment is loft-style, so the walls don’t go all the way up to the ceiling… It was t.r.i.c.k.y!

  2. What was she thinking is right!!! I am not sure if we could seal the deal with a mother or mother-in-law in such close proximity.

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