Daily Archives: July 5, 2009

He Says… She’s Hot!

I haven’t blogged in awhile (I seem to start many posts that way), and I am going to be keeping this brief, but if you read Kate’s post from today you will see that she is having a possibly important temperature “spike”, so despite the fact that we are visiting friends in Richmond, and sleeping in their bedroom, I am going to try to “take advantage of the situation”.

That is what a babymaking couple is to do, right?  Plus she just had a couple glasses of wine!


She Says… I’m HOT!


So, still no period. But I’m still charting my temps every morning, like a good little girl, trying to find some sort of hint as to what’s going on in the deep, dark depths of my uterus. Since I started charting at the beginning of June, my temps have ranged from 97.4 – 97.9, with one outlier at 98.1 (you can bet I was whooping and hollering when I got that temp — I absolutely thought I was FINALLY ovulating! But no such luck, it went right back down the next day). These temps, in addition to my other symptoms (or lack of symptoms), indicate that I’m not ovulating. If I were ovulating normally, the temps would jump to a higher range when an egg is released, and (hopefully someday!) they will enter an even higher range when I become pregnant.

This weekend Benjamin and I flew down to Richmond, VA to visit one of my best friends from high school. She and her soon-to-be-husband bought a house recently and we came down to celebrate the 4th of July and see the new place. They offered to have us sleep in their master bedroom and they would sleep on a pullout downstairs during our visit. Of course, this led Benjamin to joke constantly about us having sex in their bed 🙂  We have shared the “we’re trying to make a baby” news with them, and they jokingly encouraged us to take advantage of the privacy of the master bedroom to help our cause.

The thought of having sex in their room had never crossed my mind. Until this morning. When I saw 98.2 on the thermometer. That’s the highest temp I’ve ever gotten. Granted, we slept a little later than normal; but I’ve slept that late before and still never seen such a high number. I told Benjamin the other day that if I ever saw a super high temp during my morning routine, I’d wake him up to, ahem, take advantage of the situation. But now it just feels awkward.

What’s a babymaking couple to do?