She Says… Overdue

Just as I suspected; no period this weekend. Don’t get all excited — it’s not even the “Ohmigod I might be pregnant, I didn’t get my period!” kind of not-getting-my-period, it’s the “Well, that confirms it, I haven’t ovulated since February (or before?) so we have no chance at all of getting pregnant until we get that going” kind.

I pretty much knew (no temperature shifting around the supposed time of ovulation, no cramps/moodiness, and the most obvious indicator… that I haven’t had a real period for almost 5 months!), but I still had a little glimmer of hope that all of a sudden I’d start cycling on my own. Apparently that wasn’t in the cards.

No biggie — now I wait the requisite week before calling the doc, and ask her to start me on a lovely batch of Provera/Clomid to get those little eggies rolling down the tubes like they should be. On the upside, Benjamin and I stocked up on full fat dairy during our grocery shop this week. I enjoyed a glass of 2% milk yesterday as a snack, and on my cereal this morning. It was delicious! I packed a whole milk yogurt to eat with my lunch today, and will probably include cheese of some sort in my dinner tonight. Yum! This is an experiment I can get into 🙂


2 responses to “She Says… Overdue

  1. Sorry you didn’t get your period. I had part of my exam today and I’m not ovulating either.

  2. Get some ice cream, stat!!!

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