He Says…Three Years and Counting

Today is Kate’s and my three-year anniversary.  I am sad that we don’t get to spend it together or even see each other, though.  Kate is off at Norwich University in Vermont doing a residency week to complete her Master’s program.  On Friday, she will be graduating with a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL).  So while I am sad to have her gone for a week, I am extremely proud that she has worked so hard and is finishing her program with flying colors.  But, it’s been a little weird being home this week without her.  I travel a decent amount for work, and am usually gone at least 2 or 3 days a month, sometimes more, but I have rarely (maybe once or twice) been home without her.  When I travel, I certainly miss Kate, but I am always so busy with work when I’m gone, and now it feels very different, and empty, and lonely.  Kate definitely makes our house a home.  The kitchen always smells of yummy food when she’s here.  I can smell her perfume after she’s gotten dressed in the morning.  I have someone to look forward to spending my evenings with and going to bed with.  And I know, for sure, that Schnitzel misses her when she is gone.wedding-1

Anyways, today I will think back on our gorgeous wedding three years ago.  It was an absolutely perfect day (although not so much with the weather), every detail was beautiful and unique and very much US.  And today I will think of all we have accomplished in the last three years.  Job changes, adopting a wonderful dog, renovating our house, renovating more and more (which is probably the most stressful thing a couple can d0), and now doing what we can to start a bigger family.  Kate, I love you with all my heart, and I always will.  You are truly my best friend.

Happy Anniversary.



4 responses to “He Says…Three Years and Counting

  1. Happy Anniversary Guys!

    Your wedding photos are beautiful! 🙂

  2. bloggingbenjamin

    Thanks guys. I survived my anniversary alone and we had a nice reunion the next day when I went to Vermont for her graduation.

  3. I love this photo with the umbrellas! 🙂

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