He Says… Bad Blogger

I have just been sitting back, letting my lovely wife Kate do all the hard blogging work.  And that’s just not fair. Because this is our blog.  I keep thinking I have something great I want to write about, and then I don’t. And now I can’t remember any of those “great” ideas.  So I will just say a few things that are not necessarily connected to each other:

First of all, as Kate mentioned, she got her period, so I guess that is exciting.  She sent me an email yesterday and part of it said, “so if we do want to get preggo, we should be “trying” this “month”. unfortunately there’s no telling WHEN within that month i’ll ovulate, so we may just have to have a lot of sex like we did in march :)”. So that is definitely exciting for me.

Second of all, I think I have realized that I don’t always listen… to Kate.  It’s not intentional, and I was not aware that I do it (maybe because I’m not listening?), but she has mentioned several things over the last few months that she had apparently told me before, and I had no recollection of it.  Now, I actually have an amazing memory, so at first I assumed that she did not tell me these things (she has a pretty bad short term memory, so that excuse worked for awhile).  But then it became clear that she had told me several things and I just wasn’t listening (so I could not fall back on my amazing memory).  Maybe it’s my old age (now that I am 30!), but I don’t want to be one of those husbands who don’t listen to their wives.  I also think, and maybe their is something gender-related here, that if I am sitting if front of technology (computer, iPhone, television, toilet, etc.), I should not be expected to remember things.  I am not sure that excuse works, though. Anyway, Kate, I apologize for not listening all the time, and I will try to do better.  I love you.

Third of all, I have been kind of excited about having a baby because it means we will probably get a new car.  I know I should not be excited about this factor of fatherhood, but I am.  We have had one car for about 4 years, and it’s been fine.  Kate takes the subway/walks to work, so I use the car most of the time.  We have a Mazda 3 5-door (basically the cool way of saying station wagon).  It’s a great car and a decent size.  I don’t like big cars, but I have realized that I would find a bigger one to be very useful for when I am hauling video equipment around.  Plus, I think we could not manage with me, Kate, Schnitzel and a baby for much more than a day trip with our current car. It’s just not big enough!  And, I think that when I am travelling for work, or whenever, really, Kate and baby may need a car.  So basically, we have decided that when we have a baby we will probably get a new car.  It will definitely be a hybrid, and will definitely be bigger than our current car, although we’re not sure what kind yet.  But I am excited.

Lastly, this new season of Jon and Kate + 8 is making me really sad.  I am not sure I can watch it anymore. The season premier was just depressing.  Really.

That’s all.  Will try to write more soon.


5 responses to “He Says… Bad Blogger

  1. Congrats to Kate on the period – that’s progress! And I know what you mean about a car. We’d eventually like to get one one day I’m sure, but I’m not sure where we would park it! Hopefully that won’t be a problem for you guys. 🙂

  2. bloggingbenjamin

    Fortunately we have a driveway, so parking is easy. It’s driving around Boston that is not so easy (especially for out-of-towners…..like Kate)!

  3. I am sad about the Gosselins too! Unfortunately, my hubby predicted this when the show first started and I did not believe him. I hate it when he’s right!

    YAY for new cars! I drive a pickup right now, so when/if we get pregnant a new car is definitely in order! I think you should do a post comparing your options…I mean, basically so you can do all the work and I can just buy whatever you find to be the best one. haha. 🙂

  4. First of all, yea Kate! And what a sweet husband you are. Savor every minute of baby making time because once the progesterone kicks in after conception, that’s all she wrote. Be prepared for a 3-month dry spell until second trimester is in full swing. My lucky husband got 4 solid cycles of fun.

    My husband shares your/Kate’s pain with the car. We’ve been a one car family for 2 years now, except that I’m the one that gets to drive. He misses the freedom of being able to go anywhere at anytime since our town doesn’t have a subway. We are planning on buying a second car, hopefully hybrid, before our little B arrives in December.

    …oh the Gosselins. I wondered how long their marriage would last after observing the unsupportive, critical comments they made toward one another since the very first show. I don’t want to watch the demise of their marriage on tv. It’s depressing.

  5. bloggingbenjamin

    Yes, maybe the demise of Jon and Kate seemed inevitable and the added stress of a reality show in a clearly complicated family might not have been worth it. I still found the show and the parents somewhat inspirational so I definitely find it sad now.

    Whenever we get a new car I will certainly inform my loyal readers of my decisions. Right now if I had to buy I’d probably get a Mazda Tribute Hybrid or a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. I think the Mazda is only available in California right now though. I am guessing/hoping that in at least 9 months (when we’ll need the car) there will be more options.

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