She Says… Finally!

Ok, the title may have given it away… but I FINALLY had a “period” for the first time since February! Wahoo! But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I went off birth control at the end of February after a perfectly normal period (and a decade of perfectly normal periods before that, thanks to the wonders of birth control). Benjamin and I tried our best to make a baby. When I didn’t get my period 4 weeks later, I absolutely thought I was preggo. I entertained daydreams that I was one of those deliciously fertile women who get pregnant their first month trying. Not so. A few weeks later I thought I was knocked up again. I convinced myself I had miscalculated my cycle, and now I was really pregnant. Not so. Month #3, same deal (although, admittedly, by this time I had caught on to the fact that I wasn’t ovulating, and even though the chance was slim that I was miraculously pregnant, I considered it). So then my wonderfully proactive doctor did some blood tests (all normal) and prescribed Provera as a little “physical challenge”, so to speak.

I was supposed to take the Provera for 7 days, and then wait and see what happened. At Day 7, I wasn’t feeling any terrble symptoms (I had read the symptoms could be pretty nasty), and I was optimistic. On Day 8 I started to feel a bit crampy, irritable and fatigued… but, not one to blame things on medicine, I assumed it was just a long week at work. Day 9 assured me that the symptoms were definitely hormonal, and were definitely a result of the meds (as I hadn’t felt that tearful and agitated in, umm, 3 months!). This big, red beauty also appeared around this time:DSC05341

I felt a little sorry for myself, until IT happened. And all ill-will towards that little pimple went out the window — it was all worth it. Yes! I got my period! Well, I’m not sure if you can actually call it that because (without going into too much detail), it only lasted a day and didn’t exactly present itself like my period. However, the doc herself said, “that counts”, so I passed the test. I won the Provera Challenge 🙂  That means that a) I love Provera, b) I am producing enough estrogen to cycle on my own, but my body just hadn’t gotten there yet, and c) now I have to wait it out and see what happens next month to see if I start cycling normally.

So, the hubs and I are cleared to keep “trying” this month, and it’s quite possible that I could start ovulating/cycling normally. So, we’re back in the (proverbial?) saddle, folks! Doc says to call her in 6 weeks if I haven’t gotten another period, and we’ll discuss a cycle of drugs (Provera, and possible Clomid to stimulate ovulation) to get things going. We’re going to make a baby one way or another!


4 responses to “She Says… Finally!

  1. Hooray!

  2. Awesome! That must be such a relief. And maybe the first time you’ve ever been excited about your period? 😉

  3. Sam and Sue, Thank you! I AM relieved. And even though it’s not as exciting as a positive pregnancy test, it’s a step in the right direction!

  4. congrats to you! That’s awesome! (sorry about the pimple, guess that’s just one of the many side effects) 🙂

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