She Says… Day 7 of The Challenge

I popped the last of the Provera pills this morning. I haven’t noticed any of the unfortunate side effects that the medicine bottle warned me of. This morning I started to feel slightly crampy, and I can feel the beginning of a gigantic zit on my chin (lovely!), but nothing significant.

So… the clock starts now! I should experience withdrawal bleeding in the next week. From there, it’s possible that I could begin cycling normally and be on my way to babymaking! Yahoo!

I was chatting with my sister (who is a doctor) about all of this the other night, and she said that she was surprised that my doctor had given me blood tests and prescribed hormones after only three months. Apparently most doctors recommend that couples wait 6 months to a year before investigating fertility issues. Because I am young, healthy and physically fit, there is a very good chance that my body will sort everything out on its own without medical assistance, and many people (doctors and patients alike) would rather let nature run its course than intervene. However, I really appreciate my doctor taking a proactive approach. If I were cycling normally and just hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, I guess I could understand a doctor saying, “Try for a few more months before we do anything”. But the fact that I haven’t gotten a period at all since February indicates that something is not working properly. Maybe that is why she felt comfortable running some tests. In any case, I feel very fortunate to be figuring things out now, while I am still younger than most of my friends who are having  babies.


3 responses to “She Says… Day 7 of The Challenge

  1. I know a few people whose doctors have told them to wait and come back in 6 months or a year, like your sister mentioned, but I personally agree with you that I would prefer a more proactive approach. I guess you don’t seek a doctor’s opinion until you’ve done all the waiting you really feel like doing, right?

  2. I actually think Ben may be a better candidate for withdrawal bleeding.

  3. Sarah, I know, how frustrating for them to be told to “wait it out”! It’s true, I wouldn’t have made the appointment if I didn’t think something was out-of-whack, so I appreciate my doctor listening to me and taking me seriously.

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