Daily Archives: May 21, 2009

She Says… Day One of The Challenge

Lab tests came back: Perfectly normal. “Beautiful” was actually the word my doctor used to describe them. Apparently I am the picture of good health. Except for one thing… that pesky little period of mine that hasn’t come around since February.

So, on to step 2: The Progestational Challenge. During The Challenge I will take Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate) for 7 days. At that point, the dropoff or withdrawal of progesterone should signal to my body to have a period (which is actually withdrawal bleeding, and not a “real” period) within the next 7 days. What happens next is like the “choose your own adventure” books I used to read as a kid: 

  • If I do have withdrawal bleeding (go to page 54), that means that I have the right amount of estrogen in my system, but am not ovulating. Anovulation of this kind can be treated with drugs like Clomid, and chances are very good that I’ll be able to conceive as soon as I start ovulating (yay!).
  • If I do not have withdrawal bleeding (go to page 62), that means I am either not producing enough estrogen or have some physical abnormality with my “outflow tract” (a.k.a. the pipes are blocked). I’m thinking this will not be the case, since I was having periods perfectly normally while on birth control only a few short months ago.

So this morning I took the first of seven little, white Provera pills. I’m up for The Challenge. Let’s see what happens…