She Says… Blood Tests and Pills

I saw my doctor yesterday to discuss the fact that I haven’t had my period since February. She wanted me to wait until three full cycles had passed before seeing me, but I think I snuck in a week before that deadline. On paper I am perfectly healthy, and upon further examination (hardy har har), she couldn’t see any obvious reason why I wouldn’t be having my period.

– Healthy weight? Check.
– Healthy diet? Check.
– Prime child-bearing age? Check.
– No physical abnormalities that might cause fallopian tube blockage or other issues? Check.

At one point during my visit she asked me if I was having unprotected sex. Um, yes?! Isn’t unprotected sex the first step toward making a baby? I guess she was just checking 🙂  After establishing a clean bill of health, she did a pregnancy test (negative… duh!) and took some blood.

She’ll test the blood for hormone levels to check for thyroid or pituitary issues, and the levels of estrogen, progesterone and all that good stuff that babymamas are supposed to produce naturally. Results come back on Friday, but she doesn’t work on Fridays, so I should hear from her early next week. At this point, I am almost crossing my fingers that she finds a hormone deficiency, because they are quite often very easily fixable with supplements, and I could be on my way to natural conception.

She also gave me a prescription for Provera, to take THE PROVERA CHALLENGE. Doesn’t that sound like a game show or something? I will take Provera (which is essentially just progesterone) for a week, and then see what happens. If everything is connected and working properly, I’ll have a period within the following week or so after stopping the pills. If I have a period, that indicates that my estrogen levels are ok, and my anovulation is a result of my body not returning to normal hormone production after going off the pill. If I don’t have a period, that indicates that my body is not producing enough estrogen, and other tests are necessary to sort out what is causing that.

The drawbacks to the Provera challenge are that taking Provera can be very dangerous to a growing baby if you are pregnant, so you have to be absolutely certain you’re not pregnant before taking the pills. So I have to wait two weeks from the last time we had sex to start the pills. Also, there are some lovely side effects to the meds: bloating, cramps, irritability, acne, weight gain, water retention… essentially it’s like super PMS. Can’t wait!


4 responses to “She Says… Blood Tests and Pills

  1. You poor thing! I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you that they find something conclusive and easily fixed.

  2. Tabitha, Thank you! Me too.

  3. I still would think about pcos. Not that I want you to have it, but that is something that causes missed periods. I will probably ask for provera myself once I come back from vacation.

  4. Amy, I have done a little bit of research on PCOS after you mentioned it previously, and it is certainly still a possibility. Hopefully something conclusive will come from the hormone tests my doctor is running now. Thanks for the tip!

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