Daily Archives: May 6, 2009

She Says… Cautiously Optimistic

Yesterday I found out that a very close friend is preggers. With her second. I knew that she and her husband were trying  for another little one (and she’s one of the only people who knows that WE are trying), so it was not a surprise. Still, I expected to feel a little bit of competitiveness or anger or frustration when I heard that she was already on her way to #2 when I can’t even get to #1. However, when she told me, all I felt was joy! Now I realize just how amazing it is when someone gets pregnant.

Reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility has really helped me feel optimistic about my fertility and the chance that we will conceive normally, naturally, and soon. From what I can tell, my current state of anovulation is a perfectly normal reaction to stopping birth control. It takes many women time to regulate their hormone production. Judging by some of the “symptoms” discussed in the book, I believe I am still experiencing normal hormonal cycles, but my estrogen levels just have not reached the threshold that signals my body to have a period.

So… although I do not have a formal update (I’m calling my gynecologist to make an appointment in 2 weeks), I’m cautiously optimistic that everything is fine, I am perfectly normal, and there’s nothing I can do but wait this out. In the meantime, though, to gain a bit of control and set my mind on something else, I am going to start charting my temperature and following the guidelines in TCOYF.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has any experience/advice on temp charting!