She Says… Family Vacay


This past weekend, Benjamin and I took a long weekend and went to Martha’s Vineyard with some of his family. Vacationing with family, even one’s own, can be — how shall I put it — a test of one’s nerves. And, in my opinion, doing it with someone else’s family is even tougher. Yes, I realize they are my family now that we’re married, but they are still not exactly my family. The weekend was filled with sleeping in, eating overindulgent meals and getting ice cream several times a day, a lot of drinking, and a few activities like mini-golf and sightseeing. Although those activities sound enjoyable enough, I found that it was hard for me to really relax and be comfortable when I was so off of my normal schedule.

katelobbyAs I’ve said previously, in the past year or so I have made a shift towards eating whole, natural foods and exercising. My entire philosophy of how to enjoy myself must have shifted somewhere along the line too, because I was not blissfully relishing the sloth-like schedule of sleeping until noon, eating ridiculously extravagant meals and mostly just sitting around. Especially as I’ve been preparing myself to be a babymama, I have come to enjoy eating healthily. And I enjoy getting exercise. And I enjoy taking care of myself. Realistically I know that one weekend of eating poorly and not exercising is not going to undo any of the work I’ve done or make me gain 10 lbs all of a sudden… but it just felt bad. And, even though I got the negative pregnancy test before I left, I still feel like I want to do my best to be in tip top physical shape for whenever I do get a positive.

Don’t get me wrong… I ate and drank like a champ. After seeing that “Not Pregnant” readout last Thursday, I guiltlessly guzzled wine and chowed down on goat cheese to my heart’s content. But it did make me think of how our family vacations will be different when we have a baby.





6 responses to “She Says… Family Vacay

  1. My husband and I were the same way. When we decided to have a baby, we both went to great lengths to make sure that we were at our healthiest so that if we did conceive, the baby would be as healthy as possible too. It’s AFTER the pregnancy that I discovered ice cream…

    I still really believe that eating well and staying active are soooo beneficial in the babymaking process. And don’t worry too much about the negative test. These things take time; just enjoy each other in the meantime! And enjoy the babymaking, of course!

  2. Sarah, Thank you! I totally agree that the healthy habits will help us in the future, no matter how our babymaking journey ends up. Thank you for the support!

  3. cute pictures and I’m glad you got to get away for a bit. And I’m even more glad for you that you were able to relax and have fun. I know what you mean about schedules though, I’m off of mine this week and it’s driving me crazy!! 🙂

  4. Tabitha, Thanks! I hope you get back to your routine soon (or at least can throw in the towel and enjoy the craziness 🙂 ).

  5. I once ate goat cheese in a little town in France. It tasted like tube socks. And then, on a whim, I tried it again. This time back home in Florida, in a fancy salad all done up with fruit and nuts, and the goat cheese was delicious. So now I’m wondering: was the goat cheese I had in France rotten?

    Found your blog via Tabitha’s! I liked your comment in the COMMENTS vs EMAIL post. Thought I’d drop in and say hi.

  6. Heidi, Ha! I guess goat cheese is an acquired taste… I love the stuff! And the creamy texture is lovely. Maybe French goats make gross cheese? Not sure about that one. Thanks for reading!

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