He Says… Thank you, Gosselins

I have been a bad blogging husband the last few weeks as we have played the waiting game.  Spring has started out very busy for me work-wise, and meanwhile Kate and I are just waiting to see what is happening in baby-making land.  So that is my excuse for not posting.

So I will write a little about something I was going to write a few weeks ago, but then never got around to doing it.  It is my public thank you to Jon and Kate Gosselin (as well as my public admittance that I actually watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight).  Now, I am probably not the ONLY male viewer of their show, but I certainly imagine that a poll among my friends over one of our weekly poker games would leave me as the sole viewer.  In fact, very few of them have probably ever turned on the TLC network. 

My Kate started watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight a couple years ago, and at first I never joined in.  In fact, I cringed when I saw her watching it.  It was a fear-based reaction on many levels. Part of the fear was the thought of anyone having EIGHT children (which I guess is nothing, now that TLC has shows for families of 12 and 20), and part was the horrific shot they show in the intro of Kate Gosselin when she was well into her second pregnancy with a stomach the size of a Blue Whale.  But I think most of the fear was that if I sat down and watched the show, my Kate would think I was ready for babies.  Plus, the show seemed quite dull to me at first glance.  There seemed to be a lot of yelling, a lot of crying, many smacks from Kate to Jon, but not much else.  How much finger painting among toddlers who had to be subtitled was actually interesting? (Although as you can see, I am sure the same could be said about the lack of quality in many of the movies I watch.) 

Anyway, I am not exactly sure how or when it happened (maybe there was nothing else on our Tivo?) but one night I started watching it… and regretfully realized I was actually enjoying it.  Now I have seen just about every episode in the last few seasons and can name and recognize all of the children.  As the family has gotten older, the children have become more interesting and entertaining.  Most importantly, I think, the show has actually made me more ready to have a baby (1 baby at a time… and only 2 or 3… TOPS!).  I sort of look at the Gosselins with an “if they can do it with 8 kids, then we could handle 1” kind of attitude.  I commend the show for not becoming typical reality show drama, and maybe it makes some of the episodes not particularly exciting (like an episode on Kate making soup), but it seems to be fairly real, which is nice.  After watching this season’s finale, my Kate mentioned how Jon Gosselin was recently in the news for allegedly getting drunk at a bar with some college girls, and that the Gosselins’ relationship may be on the rocks. Obviously I have no idea what actually happened that night, but it made me sad to read all these supposed “reports” that the Gosselins were getting divorced.  I chalk it up to tabloid fodder, but it made me a little sad to read.

Anyway, I hope they continue the show as long as they see it prudent for their family, and I thank the Gosselins for sharing their lives with us.


P.S. If you ever hear a report about Aaden or Alexis getting kidnapped, it was probably us.


2 responses to “He Says… Thank you, Gosselins

  1. ha! Good for you! I’ve only watched it once, but I can see how it would be a good one to tune into. And kudos to you for admitting it. 🙂

  2. bloggingbenjamin

    Luckily, I am guessing that few of my guy friends will read this blog, so my secret is still probably safe.
    The show is on TLC all the time, so it’s pretty easy to catch.

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