Daily Archives: March 27, 2009

She Says… Curiosity Killed the Cat

Ok, I did it. You probably knew I would. I took a home pregnancy test before I was technically supposed to. To be fair, I am not the first wanna-be mama to make this mistake, and I will surely not be the last.

If I were a “normal” person with a 28 day cycle, I should have gotten my period a week and a half ago. I did not. If I am correct about when I think I ovulated, however, I should not get my period until tomorrow. Therefore, the pregnancy test I took last night (which was negative, obviously), doesn’t really tell me much. It could have been too early to register the amount of HcG; it could have been that I hydrated all day, which diluted the sample; it could have been negative for any number of reasons (including the outrageously obvious but cleverly not mentioned reason that I am not pregnant!).

Even knowing all of this in my logical brain of brains, I was disappointed. As much as I tried to convince myself that it would most likely be negative, I was giddy with excitement that it might be positive. So, when I saw “Not Pregnant”, written on the stick, clear as day, I’ll admit, I was let down. Not depressed or devastated or deeply saddened, just a little let down. And possibly a little embarrassed that I allowed myself to imagine what it would be like if it had been positive.

The upside is that I still haven’t gotten my period, so I will test again in a few days and hope for a positive. The downside is… that I still haven’t gotten my period. Period. So, it’s possible I didn’t even ovulate at all since I went off birth control, which means we could be waiting for a long time before we can even have a chance to really try.

I guess that’s why the doctors tell you to use protection the first month after going off birth control so you can figure out your cycle. Ummm, oops?