She Says… I feel pregnant.

…and I’m afraid to say it out loud, because the overwhelming odds are that I am not. Nonetheless, I maybe kinda sorta feel a little preggers. Whatever that feels like. I wasn’t going to post this today out of fear of becoming “the girl who cried pregnant”, but I guess that’s what this blog is all about, right? (Ok, full disclosure, I also didn’t want to post this to alert Benjamin — who is out of town —  to this feeling and ruin the surprise if I am preggo, but I’m trying to get over my obsession with everyone being surprised). So here goes.

According to the assumed schedule of a 28 day cycle (which I have had for the last 10 years or so, thanks to birth control), I should have gotten my period yesterday. And not only did I not get my period, but I also have had some little symptoms that could be attributed to early, early pregnancy: slight stinging cramping in my lower abdomen, sour stomach, headache. Only on and off; nothing to write home about. Normally things I probably wouldn’t even notice, but as I am paying such close attention to my body now, I noticed.

calendarJudging by my own body awareness, I would say that I actually ovulated on cycle day 19 (rather than the “normal” cycle day 14), indicating that I might have a 38-day cycle (I say might because this is my first month off of birth control, so I really have no idea). That, however, means I shouldn’t expect my period until the 27th (next Friday). So… that leaves me where? Waiting until the 28th or 29th to take a pregnancy test (provided I haven’t gotten my period before)?! That is way too far away.

I have read that you should wait until the day after you miss your period to take a home pregnancy test. However, blood tests done by doctors can detect pregnancy 7-12 days after ovulation/conception. If I estimate that I ovulated on cycle day 19, a doctor’s test would be able to confirm pregnancy as early as yesterday (cycle day 28)! Even better, if I am wrong, and I ovulated around the normal cycle day 14, then a doctor’s test would definitely confirm it now, and even a home pregnancy test would probably pick up the elevated levels of hCG. Whoa, baby!

On the other hand, I have heard countless tales of women who waited months for their period to return after going off birth control. So even a missed period isn’t a sure bet that one is with child.

Ironically, I have my yearly physical with my primary care physician scheduled for tomorrow. I can’t stop thinking that she might be able to give me a pregnancy test. And it might be positive. Even though I am trying to remain logical and not to get my hopes up (yeah, right), they are totally up!


2 responses to “She Says… I feel pregnant.

  1. I went off of birth control last July and had a normal birth control period like always. In August I had some short weird cycle which I think was my body adjusting to no hormones after 5 years, normal (for me prior to birth control) 30 day cycle in September and was pregnant in October. So it definitely took a few months for me to return to normal, but it wasn’t too long! Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Nichole! Great to hear how it worked for you. And congrats 🙂

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