He Says… Movie-A-Day

Today was one of those nice “work” at home days where much of my work was spent in front of the tv, between occasional moments editing at my computer, sending emails, etc.  I enjoy these days and stand by my notion that, for those that work from home it is easy to watch a “movie-a-day”.  Because of my line of work (video production) I can argue that this is professional development or research or something productive, but my Netflix queue or DVR would say otherwise.  I will refrain from listing some of the crap that I have recently watched on my “movie-a-day” quest but will admit to adding 3 George Romero zombie films to my queue today.  A 90-minute movie, even on a day where I am actually working quite a bit, can easily be split up during eating breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.  I think if you work from home you will find this to be an easy task to accomplish, and quite rewarding.

This relates to the blog in that today I was thinking that my “movie-a-day” days may be limited once a baby arrives.  In fact, I imagine my entire work from home existence will be seriously upended.  I certainly can’t imagine being able to accomplish much at home work-wise with a baby to take care of, even if Kate or someone else is there on baby duty.  I also can’t entirely justify the cost of renting office space (especially since a good amount of my work is done filming away from my house).  This will be one of the many issues we will have to contend with, but I guess we will take them all in stride. For now, though, I will cherish my “movie-a-day” days.


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