He Says… iOvulation

apple_iphone_keyboardDid you know that there are ovulation calendars as iPhone apps? Lying in bed last night while deciding on whether or not to have sex we discovered that such a thing exists; several apps, in fact, to help women calculate their ovulation cycle. I resisted downloading one of the free apps, as my phone is often borrowed by friends and other iPhone aficionados who want to check what apps I am running.

This conversation taught me, though, that I don’t recall from health class what is happening during a woman’s menstrual cycle. I did not know that ovulation occurs approximately 2 weeks after the last period. But, that means that (assuming Kate’s cycle is normal) she is ovulating about now.

So we had sex.


2 responses to “He Says… iOvulation

  1. So I clicked “iPhone” in the categories and this is what I get! It took me a minute to realize this was written by a guy. I had to laugh–b/c I knew if my husband was writing, it would say something like “Lying in bed last night while waiting to find out if I’d be having …” haha I bet my husband can’t wait for the day baby-makin begins!

  2. Jill, Ha! I know, so funny to see the other perspective, huh? Benjamin is such a good sport to blog about his experience.

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