Daily Archives: March 5, 2009

He Says… iOvulation

apple_iphone_keyboardDid you know that there are ovulation calendars as iPhone apps? Lying in bed last night while deciding on whether or not to have sex we discovered that such a thing exists; several apps, in fact, to help women calculate their ovulation cycle. I resisted downloading one of the free apps, as my phone is often borrowed by friends and other iPhone aficionados who want to check what apps I am running.

This conversation taught me, though, that I don’t recall from health class what is happening during a woman’s menstrual cycle. I did not know that ovulation occurs approximately 2 weeks after the last period. But, that means that (assuming Kate’s cycle is normal) she is ovulating about now.

So we had sex.


She Says… Miscalculation


Last night as we were lying in bed the hubs and I attacked the ‘baby issue’ head on. We have been sort of dancing around the topic for the past few weeks. I’m off birth control, and we’ve discussed things like, “If we get pregnant this month, we’ll have a November baby…”, but still we haven’t really discussed the details of trying to conceive. We’re just kind of doing our thang (minus the little pills I’ve been taking for the past decade or so), and seeing what happens.

This relaxed, passive, leave-it-in-Mother-Nature’s-hands approach is, umm, really hard for me. Now that I know that we both are ready for (and want) a baby, I want it now! I never claimed to be a patient person 🙂

So last night we were chatting about some über-romantic topics like ovulation and menstrual cycles. I thought I had it all figured out – I had calculated when I thought I should be ovulating this month, and planned on casually turning up the charm (ahem) every other night for the week leading up to that date. However, in discussing the intricacies of the female anatomy with the hubs, we realized I had miscalculated! Ooops! Despite all the online fertility calendars and ovulation equations (not to mention 5th grade “Health” class!), I had started counting from the wrong date, and so I was a week off.

This is not a big deal. I shouldn’t be worried about counting days anyway if we’re just casually “seeing what happens”, right?! And it is only the first month…