She Says… Weaning off

In preparation for soon being a baby hotel (hopefully!), I am preemptively weaning myself off of things women who are preggers are supposed to avoid. Unfortunately for me, this list includes several things I really, really enjoy.

tummy_milkThings I will miss the most:
– soft cheeses (oh goat cheese, how I love thee)
– wine (RED wine, to be exact)
– some fish (goodbye, spicy tuna maki roll)
– coffee/tea (see posts below)
– snorting massive amounts of cocaine

Just kidding about that last one. It’s funny to think about stopping these things when I have no idea if/when I’ll get knocked up, but a babymama (even a future one) can never be too careful. And for a perfectionist/overachiever like myself, that means following all the rules all the time. I’m sure that I’ll allow myself a few sips of wine here and there over the next few months, and maybe even a diet coke (gasp!), but overall I am happy to be able to take steps to make myself the best little baby-grower ever.

P.S. Headache and fatigue are nowhere to be seen. Must’ve been a minor caffeine withdrawal or the result of not getting enough sleep. Or (most likely) psychosomatic symptoms based on unnecessary Googling 🙂

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