He Says…Two-Year Wait

I have always had a standard response to the “when should we have a baby” question: Two years. It seemed like a good, somewhat vague answer. I have always assumed (and wanted!) babies in our future; but I also love our independent life. Not that we are currently the type of couple to spontaneously do, well, anything (Kate is a serious planner), but I can only imagine what kinds of restrictions and responsibilities a baby will have on our lives. A baby seems expensive (and I still haven’t figured out exactly how expensive, despite my incessant questioning of “How much does a baby cost?” to other parents new and old), but we both have successful jobs now, so that is no longer a valid  “excuse”. I also work from home quite often and have had a lot of questions as to how that would be affected by having a baby. Those concerns still remain, but I know we will figure it all out.

So, the time has come when I can no longer keep saying “two years”. And, to be honest, now I don’t want it to be two years. Luckily for me and my procrastinating ways, saying two years bought me some time. Kate went off the pill yesterday and now, for the first time in my sexual life, we are trying to do what I have always tried to avoid in the past. And, I still have trying time, plus nine more months to really get myself psyched up.

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